Ray’s Anniversary.

Ray came home with us on March 15, 2013. On March 17, he decided to email his friends at the shelter:
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“Hi Guys – Thank you so much for finding the perfect family for me. They both need lots of training but, with some appropriate negotiation, they are coming along fine! They have given me a spot at the bottom of their garden where I can pee and poop (and which I now happily use) and guess what ……… they have learned to treat me whenever I lay down. All this, together with the fact that they always seem to have classical music playing in the background really makes me want to “chill out” frequently.

I’ve got them perfectly trained! – It was so easy!  If I don’t pace around and around and around the kitchen table, and instead simply lie down, I get treats and/or a “Yes!”  and “Good boy!” and I love hearing that.    Oh …………. and they both love it when I touch noses and gently push my face against theirs. Of course this works great for me because I get so much soft stroking (that I almost go to sleep) and other good attention. How could I possibly resist?

I get to sleep on some soft things on the floor next to Colin’s bed which is quite nice.  Last night (my 2nd night), they both helped me to settle down and then Carol left. I pined for a few moments ‘cos I really like her but then Colin started talking very softly to me and I quickly settled down and went to sleep. Oh…. I have to mention that sometime during the night Colin got up and went some place for a couple of minutes. When he came back, I gave him such a huge “Hello” that he stroked me and talked softly to me until I went to sleep again.

In the mornings Carol comes into “our” room (Colin’s and mine).  She has her coat on and has my harness and outdoor leash in hand.  I am very happy to see her and give her lots of tail wags. While I am busy saying hello, she puts my harness on and off we go to the back door (I sometimes need a little treat for encouragement), and then we go to the bottom of the garden.  She lets me sniff around and says things like “Ray – go pee” or “Ray – go poop!”.  She gets so happy and excited when I squat, and then I get treats when I am done.  (She is so easy to train!)

I also have to mention that because I use their garden for when I have “to go”, I no longer have to go on ultra marathon walks (at least that is what it seemed like on Saturday)!

Oh ……….. one last thing. While I was out walking with them yesterday, a car pulled up and the window went down and I heard “Hello Ray”. It was “Anna”! It was so nice to see her again so soon and what a surprise!

So “Melanie”, “Helen” and “Susan” (and “Anna”), I know I’m not perfect yet………… but then neither are they, but it looks like we are all going to work together and my future is looking really wonderful.

Thx again for taking such good care of me over the last few months and letting them take me into theirMY wonderful home.

Love to all, Ray”

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He even got a response from “Helen”:
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“Hi Ray – I’m so glad to hear from you. I figured with those large paws of yours it would be hard to type, but you have surprised us once again! 🙂

I’m so glad you’ve managed to train your new owners so quickly. Just wait until you get into training classes. We will teach you even more ways to manipulate them! We knew they were dedicated and loved you very, very much, but it’s hard to know how easy they are to train until you try.

Keep up the good work and here’s a hint. If you sit with your butt on the ground, they are likely to go CRAZY and get really excited and give you lots of treats. Just a tip. Try it!

And to Colin and Carol: Thank you so much for providing Ray with such a supportive, loving home. He couldn’t have asked for anything better. I hope to see you guys in here for visits when Ray is ready, and please keep up the updates. You just made my day!

Give Ray an extra snuggle from me. “Helen”

* ** *** ** *

32 thoughts on “Ray’s Anniversary.

  1. Happy gotcha day, Ray. You certainly have done a marvelous job at training Colin and Carol. I bet there’s more you could teach them if you tried. 🙂 ❤ Your friends in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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  2. Gee Ray, this gives me “paws” to wonder if my Murphy can type! She probably wouldn’t hit as many incorrect keys as I do! Lol.

    You certainly tail-wagged Colin and Carol into shape in record time. Good boy!! I wonder if you were really so difficult, or if that was a clever act on your part to make sure you were placed with someone YOU chose, not the shelter. Well, some things are best kept secret, don’cha think?

    Have a happy, healthy life. I have no doubt it will be filled with love and treats. Lots of treats because you’re such a good boy. Murphy says, “Woof, woof, yap, yap, yip, woof!”

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  3. Hi Ray! You have such an interesting story. Thanks for sharing more of it with us.
    Your letter was fun to read and I liked the last line especially. When you crossed out “their” and wrote “my”. Yes I definitely believe it’s your home Ray.
    Oh and I hear that now you don’t just have a soft spot on the floor to lay on but also a soft recliner and a couch! Yes, I would say you got it made! 🙂
    Keep enjoying life, you deserve it!

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