“Crying in the Rain”

I was 15-16 during 1962 when this Saturday’s song was released, and yet I still remember it so well. I was not a particularly strong Everly Brothers fan, as I preferred traditional jazz (Kenny Ball), contemporary folk (our local Folk Club), and Petula Clark! Some of you already know that I also loved certain classical pieces. Given my taste in music, together with my many non-musical interests at that time, it surprises me that I still want to play this song periodically. Enjoy!

25 thoughts on ““Crying in the Rain”

  1. Ahh, yes, now this is the way to start the morning off right. πŸ™‚
    I may not have been born yet when this song came out but I do like some of the Everly Brothers songs, this being one of them. Gives a sentimental, relaxed feeling.

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  2. I was 23 in ’62 and I LOVED the Everly Brothers, and Petula Clark, and Elvis, and Perry Como, and Patsy Cline…..yeah, all over the place! This is such a great song, melody, lyrics, harmony. It will never grow old. Haven’t heard it in ages. Thanks for reminding us of it today.

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