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… just yet!

“Who Said I was up for Adoption? by Colin Chappell (How 80lbs of German Shepherd/Rottweiler adopted himself out of a shelter and into my heart) is available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats.

During the month of April, the paperback and hard cover formats will be discounted by 20%, if ordered directly from Friesen Press.

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A dog leaves paw prints on the heart that last forever!” This heartwarming story of the bond created between a German Shepherd and the owner he chose will keep you turning the pages. It will make you cry; for did you know that dogs can sob? And it will make you laugh, Houdini is no match for Ray! Most of all it will make you fall in love with a German Shepherd who was given a second chance at life, thanks to a very patient and caring human, Colin. If you are a dog lover you will want to add this book to your collection! And if not a dog lover, you may just change your mind after reading this!! Find out what you are missing!”

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