The “real” Ray!

Ray is a lot more “bouncy” of late (I could have never imagined referring to almost 80lbs of dog as “bouncy”!).

On a typical early morning, he used to do a quick trot over to his pee spot of the moment, and then trot back to the house and await his breakfast.

This past week, he has gone out into the back garden and leapt around like an overgrown spring lamb! He will then “mock charge” me and obviously wants to play, so I run up to him and give him a rather rough massage, after which he gallops away.

Soon he is leaping around and coming back to me for another few seconds of rough play before eventually finding a pee spot. Then he will run to the backdoor and wait however, if I walk  over to him, suddenly turn, and run back across the garden … he is soon charging after me once again.

There are a number of potential explanations of course. Spring? The snow has melted so his traction in the garden is very good now.  The temperature is a lot more amiable, although I rather suspect that he doesn’t care about that so much. I am happy to spend more time out there with him now, which I think he likes to take full advantage of and, probably most likely, he is adjusting to being on only half of his original anxiety medication dosage!

Assuming the last one is the cause, then I shall look forward to reducing his meds by another 25%, and ultimately off them completely. It rather looks as if there is a fun loving/very playful dog from beneath that thick fur.  Those earlier traits of being aloof, cautious and generally restrained, are being replaced by being rather outgoing and playful.  The “real Ray” is coming to the surface I suspect!

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Below is a  link to my interview by The Authors Show where they ask about the book.

30 thoughts on “The “real” Ray!

  1. The mists are fading away to reveal the entire pup that was hidden within! So very happy for Ray and his minions. Surely hoping that Ray continues along this path until he becomes drug-free. Thank-you for sharing Ray’s progress!

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  2. Just as I started reading it I KNEW it was the meds. Glad you think so, too. Even though “head meds” are supposed to help you, they can really temper you down to a point of vegetation (vs. living). I’m so happy Ray is taking it all very well. Fingers crossed for a “happily ever after”.

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  3. So good to read about Ray showing a playful side! He’s bouncy like “Tigger” eh! 🙂 Hoping that you will continue to see more of his playful side as his meds keep decreasing.
    You better put on your running shoes, you may soon have to run even faster with him. Wouldn’t you love to know his thoughts?

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  4. I am so happy for Ray. Whatever the reason he’s certainly enjoying himself. But you know Colin, maybe it’s just that Ray thinks YOU need more exercise! 😂😂
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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