“Rendez-Vous IV”

The development of electronic keyboards, together with multi-tracking and numerous add-on devices, presented perfect opportunities for developing the creativity of “one-man band” artists. Jean Michel Jarre  takes full advantage of 1980’s electronics, and has numerous cd’s out including “Rendezvous” which was released in 1986.

Much as I love the track “Rendezvous IV”, I could not find a good video of a Jean Michel Jarre performance however, the cover version below is excellent.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jean-Michel Jarre was introduced to me by my youngest brother in 1976 when Oxygene was released. I loved it, as did he. My brother traveled to Texas for Jarre’s “Rendez-vous Houston” concert in the spring of 1986. He talked about the event forever and always said it was the ultimate concert. You are most likely aware of the connection of the concert to the Challenger explosion. Sorry, too much information offered. Kebu is a genius on the electronic keyboards too! I could listen to this all day, excellent choice. Thank-you!

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    • Hi Ellen. So glad that you enjoyed it. As you noted “Last Rendez-Vous” (last track on the album) was indeed a tribute, with the following notes courtesy Wikipedia:
      The last track on the album was originally scheduled to include a saxophone part recorded by astronaut Ron McNair on the Space Shuttle Challenger, which would have made it the first piece of music to be recorded in space, but on 28 January 1986, 73 seconds after lift-off, the shuttle disintegrated and the entire Challenger crew were killed. The track was dedicated to McNair and the other astronauts on board Challenger. On the album the saxophone part is played by saxophonist Pierre Gossez.


      • So happy that you added this note. I started to add my memory of it and as I said…too much information from me. My propensity for loquacity at times is never ending. My brother and I used to talk about the possibilities also lost amidst the tragedy of this horrific event. Jarre lost a friend and more. Thank-you, again!

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