Nap anybody?

Our weather has recently been more typical of July than late May. The temperatures have been in the upper 20’s (low 80’s F) which, when adjusted for high humidity produce mid/high 30’s (high 90’s F).Β  Given that we have not had much time to adjust (not unusual here!), being outside produces a sense of trying to function inside a thick wall of hot and humid air.

This is the time of year when we usually start cleaning up the garden from the ravages of Winter and making everything nice for the rest of the year. Sitting in our back garden, and sharing a few beers at our picnic table, will be a very nice way to spend some free time over the next few months. Chatting away, and generally being absorbed by Mother Nature produces a lovely escape from the more serious aspects of life.

Needless to say, I have been spending considerable time in the garden taking care of “things” and, as is inevitable, Ray wants to join me (and supervise). He is no real help! In fact, he is usually a bit of a handicap because he always finds a nice place to lay down which is invariably where I want to work, and I don’t have the heart to move him as he looks so comfortable!

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was quite merciless and I was weeding one specific area of the garden. Ray was suddenly noticeable by his absence. A quick search (our garden is not very large) and I found him … and then went to get my camera!

If I had a fitted, double layer, fur coat in these conditions … I would probably nap there as well!

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    • Hi Alix. Many thanks for dropping by, and welcome. This blog was started in Oct. 2014, and was based solely around Ray initially (Check the Category “Dog Stories” for many Posts about him!). The Blog later expanded to include many other aspect of life, but Ray is still the star around here. :”)

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  1. We’ve had pretty much the same weather around here, which is weird since yours should be so much cooler. Lexi used to love to lay in the ivy and vinca in the gardens at work.

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  2. Searching for the best spot to nap before those Dog Days of summer really hit! Ray looks quite comfy and cute too. Thank-you, there can never be too many photos of him!

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  3. Love his supervision Colin!
    Weather here is weird………… June 1st, and we woke up to heavy mist and grey skies. Three hours later, we have some lovely sunshine, so did the washing to make the most of it! Thunderstorms are supposed to hit us later today.

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  4. What a perfect spot that Ray found. Appears perfect for daydreaming and getting some ZZZZ’s.
    Looking at him being so peaceful while you work in the hot sun must make it tempting to call “break time” for a cool drink pretty frequently. It would me. πŸ™‚

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  5. Too funny! Ray looks like he hasn’t got a care in the world. And he seems quite content to let you do all the heavy lifting while he snores in the ivy. Plenty of time when he wakes up and points out everything you missed! Lol.
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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