There are a large number of pieces in my music collection that I think of as Dreamscapes. It’s probably obvious, but Dreamscapes can send my mind on all kinds of adventures … and often to sleep, depending upon how I am feeling at that time!

Mike Oldfield is my idea of a master dreamscape creator, and “Silhouette” is such a good example of his melodic forms. The beginning and ending are a little abrupt simply because his tracks often flow together so there is no convenient place to separate them however, the track that follows “Silhouette” is “Shabda” which is linked below also. They are both part of his “Music of the Spheres” album for anybody who wants to explore this music of Mike Oldfield further.

Enjoy! Happy dreaming!  🙂


14 thoughts on ““Silhouette”

  1. Nice, relaxing music, wasn’t ready for it to end. I think “Dreamscapes” fits it perfectly. I can see how you can drift off while listening to this. I will have to listen to it tonight again as now I have things to do, which would help if I was awake for and not in dreamland.
    Dreaming while cooking may not be a good thing. 🙂

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