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It has been a while since I welcomed new Followers … so welcome! I have no idea how you found me, but find me you did. I have no idea why you found me, but you must have had a reason. I hope you have an opportunity to browse around but, to save you some time, this Blog was started as a tribute to a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix called Ray – almost 80lbs of rescued attitude!

As interest in the Blog grew, so did my experimentation with other subject matter. Eventually it was thought necessary to create Categories. so that you can select specific interest Posts if you so wish.

Since giving birth to this Blog in October 2014, I have published two books (see cover pics in right column).

“Who Said I was up for Adoption?” covers the emotional roller coaster ride of the first 18 months with Ray … my first dog! Profits from sales will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society.

“Just Thinking” is a book of simple, but personal, poetic verse about Ray; of life; of street people; of love … of all the things that can impact our lives in some way. All proceeds from sales are being directed to my daughter Melanie, who is unable to hold down regular work due to a brain tumor, and the ongoing effects from radiation treatment.

There is a third book “The Odessa Chronicles” for which publishing is imminent, and more information will be provided at that time … but it was a fun book to write!

Below is a link to an earlier Post, which includes a reading of “The River”, which is included in my “Just Thinking” book. All my books are available direct from Friesen Press Bookstore,, and all the usual on-line book retailers. is the most popular site for reviews of these books.

Again … welcome new Followers. I hope that you were comfortable here, and found your way around without undue difficulties!Β  πŸ™‚

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