“Get Home”

You cannot beatΒ  a good close relationship issue to fire up the emotions for some strong song writing. Most seem to be based around a “lost love” situation however, whereas “Get Home” may well have the same origin, I love the fact that it calls out the integrity of the other party:

“Get home, get home
Nothing more to say
You know, you know
That you’ll never change
Oh, you’ll never change
And I don’t play the game
With liars and cowards,
Liars and cowards.
Liars and cowards.
Like you.”

16 thoughts on ““Get Home”

  1. Sarah Slean was introduced to me while travelling along with my oldest daughter in her car. She loves the 2017 “Metaphysics” album, particularly the song “Every Rhythm is the Beat”. On a 3 hour trip, I heard this album over and over…it won’t be soon forgotten! I will have to ask her if she knows this song. The video adds much depth to the song. Thank-you! P.S. I never commented on last Saturday’s post. I loved it!!

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  2. There are the times where I wonder why a certain video is with a song, but this one I think makes the song more powerful. Her eyes spark fire as she is saying to “get home”, but you can also see the sad emotion in her eyes as well. Her taking off her jewelry and her fake eyelashes,etc. to me also sent the message that the game is over, charade is done. Its time to be real, and she knows he will never change, so “get home!’
    A different type of song, but a good one! Thanks for another good “Saturday song” πŸ™‚

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