“Telegraph Road”

I guess it was inevitable that after last Saturday, with Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” incredibly accompanied by David Gilmour’s guitar expertise, I would move forward just a few years to 1982.

Dire Straits released their “Love over Gold” album, and one of the highlights of that album was “Telegraph Road”.  Again, like “Comfortably Numb”, the story-line of the song was a little unusual and (like “Comfortably Numb”) there is some very dominant guitar work … this time by Mark Knopfler. For piano  lovers, there is some lovely melody sharing with the guitar.

Much as I enjoy the complete performance, I am tempted to say that things do noticeably take off around 9:30 … but there so many wonderful parts to this song! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on ““Telegraph Road”

    • Sadly that perspective will get stronger as you get older. I can still recall my Grandmother saying how she doesn’t understand people today (early 1960s); she never grasped the reality of TV, as she waved to the people on the screen (they were obviously waving at her!). She also longed for simpler times. I can recall my Mom shaking her head in despair at the way the world was “going” (late 1980s). She never understood computers, and longed for simpler times … and here I am wondering what is happening to society re the addiction to texting, and the election of Trump! 🙂

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