Ray – Traveler!

When we decided to adopt Ray, it was suggested that we have a “trial run” at getting him into our vehicle as he had expressed reservations about motor vehicles. Perhaps he had been taken for a ride before being abandoned? Of course we can never know.

The trainer we were working with at the time had a vehicle very similar to mine, so our first attempt was in her vehicle. With a few treats in there, he showed no hesitation! He had no problem with our vehicle either.

Over the years he seems to have developed a distinct likingΒ  to being driven around, and is more excited about getting his car harness on, than he is for his regular/walking harness. Typically, he will sit up straight right behind us and look around. Eventually he will lay down and “chill” unless there is a motion change. He will then quickly get up in “alert mode”. From his perspective we may have just turned into a Tim Horton’s drive-thru!

He used to occasionally doze off, but that seems to be happening more often now. He will start off collapsing (as best he can) with his head on the console between the front seats.

A few days ago, we had taken him for a quite long trail walk, and he seemed a little more tired than usual. This was not totally unexpected as it was a long and hilly walk but, on the way home, not only was he quickly resting on the console (hence above pic) but he seemed to be sound asleep!

At one point in the journey, he woke up and decided to change position. What possessed him to think that resting his head on the top of the passenger seat was a good position eludes me but, of course, Carol was sitting there … and his eyes were soon closing again.

There’s never a dull moment with a Ray in your life!

If anybody is interested in reading more about Ray, please select/click the book cover of “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” over in the right column. All net profits will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, being the organization that rescued him, and who worked with him for four months in order to make him an adoption possibility. They gave us incredible support as we and Ray “worked out our differences”, and in fact one of Ray’s favorite people was one of the dog trainers during his time there!

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  1. Maggie likes to stand in the centre of the back seat and look straight ahead between our shoulders. She takes it all in, but rarely sleeps on a journey, even if at night. However, if we go out and have to leave her in the car (not keen at this time of year as young dogs have been stolen out of vehicles for puppy farms, and Maggie does not look her age unless you look really close at her face), she will curl up on one of the front seats and snooze until we return. Who needs heat pads?

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