Odessa is flying!

Below is the latest review of “The Odessa Chronicles”

My daughter and I both enjoyed the stories about Odessa and her friends. November 11, 2018

We loved how the animals were brought to life as real beings with their own personalities and attitudes. We also liked how the man servant showed compassion and understanding even though he was often confused. We recommend this book to all ages for a light, fun reading experience. “

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The book is a collection of short stories about four totally different creatures (cat, owl, jackalope and human) who have their own personalities; who are working at living together; who are adventurous, and who are caring, compassionate and understanding about each other. Of course they are not perfect, and do fall short of “perfection” on a regular basis!

It displays so many of the qualities that we hope our children will adopt (and perhaps we could try harder to achieve).

A great Christmas gift perhaps? It is ideal for all children … young … middle age … senior. In fact anybody age 4 to 104, who would enjoy some light and fun reading, may really treasure such a gift as this under their tree!

Link below goes to amazon.com, (has 8 other Reviews to date) but the book is also available from all the usual on-line stores, and in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats.

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