“The Odessa Chronicles”

Writing fiction can be a very interesting experience, particularly when the fictional characters start talking to you! As soon as I realized that there was a dialogue possibility between the characters and myself, I decided to take advantage of the situation and proceeded to arrange for two interviews with the namesake of the book … Odessa!

Back in 2018, I posted an excerpt from “The Odessa Chronicles”, being Interview No.1 with Odessa (link below):


This Post covers Interview No. 2.  If these interviews arouse your curiousity about Odessa,and her friends Jaxon, Dewey and (of course) the Man-Servant, then please explore the book further by clicking the book cover over to the right (may have to scroll to see it). Note that there are many reviews at amazon.com but, if you are tempted to purchase a copy, please check pricing with FriesenPress Bookstore who have it on sale.

Odessa Interview No.2

Colin: Today, Odessa, I want to talk about the whole group and what you think about them, how you met, and your reactions to the stories about all of you. Let’s start with Dewey. He’s a cat and you’re a bird, so there could be a problem there. What do you think?

Odessa: In different circumstances, I would keep well away from Dewey; however, given that I probably saved his life when he was much smaller, I think that gives me an advantage. Regardless of the fact that I am a bird, he knows that without my intervention he would probably not be here. I think that’s why he is quite happy with me being around. Good story-line on your part, Colin, as it solved a potential problem.

Colin: So that explains why Dewey relates to you the way he does, but how do you feel about sharing adventures with a cat?

Odessa: It’s really not a problem. To start with, I am bigger than Dewey and can fly. When he was smaller, I could have lifted him off the ground very easily, but now … well it takes a lot more effort. If he ever gave me a problem though, I have a wonderful set of claws that would keep him under control!

Colin: Jaxon?

Odessa: Well, Jaxon is unique, literally, isn’t he? I read your introduction of him, and he really is a “one of a kind” animal. His strength is his love of life, and of course, his magic, which by the way, neither you nor Carolyn have really explored. Surely there are some good potential stories there? I like the idea of Jaxon and me living in the barn together, because it gives us time away from the other two. I bet if you tried hard, you could come up with a story about us two!

Colin: Perhaps. How about the man-servant?

Odessa: Oh, I really do like him, because he is so sloppy with his questions, and I get to correct him often. I love it! Then, of course, he really is the focal point of the stories because without him, the farm as I know it would not exist … would it. I really cannot imagine living on an empty farm, even though I am very independent by nature. I love the other characters, and the invitations into the farmhouse in the evenings!

Colin: Do you have any thoughts about future stories?

Odessa: Well … remembering that my dad was hunting for food when the cliff collapsed and took away my family, perhaps somehow I could meet him, as he is presumably still alive. Then, of course, stories could include Hermione and her mom, Florence. Perhaps Jaxon and I could have an adventure on our own? I would really like that. Dewey could have an adventure by himself. Perhaps the man-servant would have a reason to leave the farm for a few days, and the story could be about us three taking care of things in his absence. Perhaps something exciting, or disastrous, could happen to the farm? There really are so many possibilities, but make sure that you look after us all!

Colin: Thanks, Odessa. It’s always a pleasure talking with you.

Odessa: No problem. I shall await some new adventures from you and Carolyn.

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“The Odessa Chronicles” can be purchased world-wide from all the usual on-line book retailers, and is available in hard-copy, paperback and eBook formats. It is recommended for children within the age range of 4 to 104!

“The Odessa Chronicles” – Review

The following review has recently appeared on amazon.com. What more could any author ask for?
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I got a lot of laughs out of this book. The authors say it’s for children of all ages, and I guess they’re right, since I’m in my 60s and found myself entertained with every page. But I can understand why very young kids would like it also. After all, what kid doesn’t like talking animals?

The animals in this tale get into all kinds of mischief, and have a proclivity to pull practical jokes on their human friend, whom they call their Man-Servant. And he returns the favor by pulling jokes on them.

I found the writing to be highly polished, and it flowed smoothly and captivated my attention. The characters are painted with depth and feeling. They seemed to come alive, with their own souls. And by the middle of the book I sensed that I had come to know them well, and could regard them as my fictional friends.

Life lessons are interwoven throughout 47 chapters of fun, adventure, and humor. It’s a long book, but you can digest it a little at a time, since each chapter is a self-contained story.

I purchased the Kindle version, and read it on my PC, using Amazon’s free, downloadable Kindle Cloud Reader. I found it easy enough to navigate from page to page, and the table of contents included handy hyperlinks to each chapter. So I think the authors did a good job in the technical construction of this book.

In my view, the Odessa Chronicles can rival any of the classics that have talking animals, such as Charlotte’s Web, or the Wind in the Willows. It’s a good read, and I highly recommend it.

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Well that made my day!


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