“The Story in your Eyes”

I have consistently played, for my own pleasure, 1960’s and 1970’s songs by The Moody Blues. Their albums always had a theme running through them which offered thought provoking moments, so to play a single track is really taking a song out of its intended context. Having said that, if “The Story in your Eyes” doesn’t get the rest of your day off to a rousing start (perhaps crank the volume)…..  I give up! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on ““The Story in your Eyes”

  1. One of my favourite albums Colin. Sadly I no longer have them, only a CD copy of Blue Jays by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. Happy memories of the last track side one, to which th ex husband put my engagement ring on my finger.

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  2. Oh I like the Moody Blues, great music!
    I like the ” from the ashes we can build another day.” line. I feel like it speaks of hope and the “hiding in your sweet love” line brings a peaceful feeling amidst the worry. Of course I could have interpreted the song wrong, but that’s the first impression I got. 🙂

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