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… to the many new bloggers that have clicked the Follow button (or otherwise followed) this past few months. I do hope that you will return and check out the site. If you have a good imagination, find yourself a nice comfortable chair; help yourself to a latte (or whatever your taste dictates); put your feet up and give yourself a tour of the various categories.

The blog is loosely based around our rescued German Shepherd/Rottweiler named Ray. He is 75lbs of love and security … with an attitude!Β  I wrote a book about the joys and woes (and education on my part) of the first 18 months of living with him. Click “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” in the right column for more information (may have to scroll to see the book cover).

The blog also dabbles in poetry. Historically I have not liked poetry, but that was based on being given pieces to read that (from my perspective) buried themselves so deep in flowery and complex descriptive terms that the message/meaning was lost to me. I started presenting someΒ  of my own poetic pieces on here quite a while ago, with the end result being a book of verse titled “Just Thinking”.Β  Click on “Just Thinking” for more information (may have to scroll to see the book cover).

Finally, I recently co-authored a book of short stories (pure fiction) which is being promoted as “for all children ages 4 to 104”! The book is titled “The Odessa Chronicles”. For more information, please click on the book cover over in the column to the right.

Selecting the Categories Poetic Verse, or Odessa Chronicles or Ray’s Book … will take you to excerpts from, and information about, the respective book.

Once again, to my new Followers … welcome. To my old (?) Followers, some of which go back to 2014 … it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you all. The world truly can be a pretty small place!


20 thoughts on “Welcome …

  1. Have read and loved your first two books and most of your blog posts. You may have noticed I rarely read/listen to the musical ones with Rainbow being a recent exception. I have purchased Odessa Chronicles and it is now sitting on a shelf in the master bedroom, waiting to be picked up and started. We have both been sick off-and-on since Thanksgiving and through Christmas. Now that 2019 is finally here (I was soooo glad to push out 2018!) I am looking for better days and feeling well enough to get on with things. Perhaps your readers would like to read my reviews of Who Says I’m Up for Adoption and Thinking on my blog powerfulwomenreadrs.wordpress.com It might encourage them to enjoy both books as did I.

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    • Thank you Ann. That is so nice to know given that I really enjoy writing the posts, as well as the resulting interactions. In fact “The Odessa Chronicles” book would not have been written without Blogging and “meeting” Carolyn Shelton! πŸ™‚

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  2. Always a pleasure to stop in here. Never know if the story will be about lovable “King Ray!”, or a sentimental poem. Sometimes music that touches the soul or a thought provoking post. Whatever it is, it is sure to bring a smile. So you keep writing, and I will keep reading. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi Colin!
    Happy New Year if I haven’t already wished it you.
    Hope Ray is better after the lump scare. So relieved it was benign. We are glad we changed vets and got Maggie’s lump removed competely. It has brightened her up considerably.

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