Perceptions, and choices, again!

Since this blog started in 2014, I have referenced “perceptions” a number of times and it has always been in the context of how we see our world. This really shouldn’t surprise anybody because we all want to have some comfort level/acceptance in our world, and for us to get to that level, we have to know the culture of our world.

Our upbringing, together with our life experiences, will create a picture of how our culture is defined, which will result in a type of “road map” for us to work with. Of course how we see our world today, could well be very different from how we see it next week … depending on what happens to us over the period in between!

On a total change of direction, I have also mentioned the fact that we all have choices. We have choices about pretty much anything in our life. In the circumstances where a certain event is out of our control, we still have choices. We can choose to accept whatever is happening, or we can choose to reject whatever is happening.

If I find a $20.00 bill in the snow today, I can choose to be happy about finding a $20.00 bill, or I can choose to complain that it wasn’t a $50.00 bill! When faced with a particular dilemma, we can choose to do something, or choose to do nothing. Our choices will always generate a response and, because they were our choices, we must accept responsibility for whatever follows.

The last few days have given us various snow falls which has prompted some interesting comments. The first storm left us with around 4″ of snow on the ground, with more forecast a few days later. I find it much easier to shovel 4″ of snow twice, that it is to shovel 8″ of snow once, especially if (as in our situation) there is a freezing rain possibility involved. Being right on Lake Ontario, we also get a condition called “lake effect snow” so the forecast was looking interesting!

I was chatting at one point with a neighbor, and they noticed that Carol was shoveling, whichΒ  prompted the question as to why she was doing that. I explained that she sees it as exercise, and really has no problem helping out with shoveling as necessary. That rationale was apparently lost as there was no reaction, and the subject of conversation was immediately changed.

Yesterday, and last night, gave us another 6″+ (with wind causing drifts). I was out all of this morning doing what was necessary on our property, and then worked on our neighbor’s property (health issues currently prevent them doing too much).Β  The neighbor was really appreciative, but gave me a kind of blank look when I explained that I really enjoyed doing it.

This takes us back to perceptions and choices. It is my perception that people will generally welcome a helping hand as necessary, and it is my choice to treat people the way I would like to be treated … which works very well in these circumstances.

There are many parts of Canada (and the world) that get much more severe winters than us however, ours can still get quite challenging. It would seem to me that I have choices regarding our winters. I can complain about them, or I can embrace them. I can love that aspect of Canada, or I can find somewhere else to live. It’s all choices.

Given that I have no control over the weather, but do have control over me … I choose to embrace our winters. I choose to help out our neighbors as/when necessary, and I choose to hand shovel snow (rather than invest in a snow blower) because it really is exercise!

I love my choices, and my perception of our world. Nothing is perfect, but it is still pretty good!


32 thoughts on “Perceptions, and choices, again!

  1. It’s must be a universal truism, I get the same reaction to shoveling as you described. It’s easier to do when it hasn’t piled up and it IS a great form of exercise. Most consider it a nuisance. Because I walk so much in my neighborhood and appreciate it others shovel their walks, I think it’s a necessity to do it for other peeps and pups who walk about.

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  2. I help out as I can with neighbors regardless of age because I have a snowblower and can walk the block clearing the sidewalks and driveways. They do the same if they get started early. I like the exercise also but if I had to shovel my driveway and corner property each time it snowed, I wouldn’t be here blogging…..:) Lord knows where I’d really be.

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  3. In a time of snowblowers and front end loaders, our family still shovels snow much to neighbours’ amusement. Some of our favourite moments have happened while shovelling – great conversations with our two teenage sons. One of our neighbours even offered us a free snowblower that he was no longer using. I thanked him for his generous offer but, replied that I already had 2 snowboys to do the job. My boys couldn’t believe that I didn’t take the offer. It is good exercise and when it comes a bit at a time, I find it quite enjoyable.

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  4. We have so many choices every day don’t we! I actually had just had a conversation with my daughter about choices right before I sat down to check my email and saw this post. What timing. πŸ™‚

    I am sure your neighbor was very glad for your kindness in shoveling for him and I can imagine his shock at you saying you enjoyed it, for so many do complain about it. He may still be shaking his head. But you are right, why complain, being that you can’t change the weather. You make the best of it and exercise is always good as long as you are physically able and you don’t overdo it. Yes, much better to shovel 4 inches than 8 inches!

    Brad has the same attitude about mowing the lawn. People have given him strange looks when he says he enjoys it and that no, he doesn’t want a riding mower. He has a sit down job, so mowing the yard gives him exercise. its not like we have a super sized yard, so to him its a well spent hour and a half to 2 hours.

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  5. Sometimes I whine about the weather, especially a lot of snow but it’s really pretty (it’s snowing here now). We don’t usually get so much that it’s cumbersome. Sometimes I wish I could pick the times we get it but in the end I’m grateful for being alive to enjoy it all.

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