Sometimes the most perplexing lyrics can prove the most interesting, and put those same perplexing lyrics with a lovely melody and vocals and ……………………….!

“Windmills” is the most played song in my quite considerable music collection, and for anybody not familiar with Blackmore’s Night … it is a co-operative effort by Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple) and Candice Night.   Enjoy!

27 thoughts on ““Windmills”

  1. Beautiful melody, but I couldn’t make out the lyrics, much less interpret them. Judging from the title, I suspect it was something about windmills. Perhaps a tale about Don Quixote fighting a small battle. Or maybe a tune promoting the natural benefits of wind energy. But beautiful melody, I must say.

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  2. I do love the vocals and melody, but yes the lyrics are perplexing. I did think I had an idea of what the lyrics might mean until I heard the last verse and then my mind was confused once again. My curious mind will probably be thinking of this song now,off and on for the rest of the day! But even if the meaning remains a mystery, I do agree that it is a pretty song!

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