While I  was putting the final touches to my book of poetic verse “Just Thinking” (click cover in right column for more info), I came across an invitation to submit a “peace poem”. The end result was that “My Dream” was included in the “Poets for Peace” book.

My Dream

I dream of a day

When we’ll all be friends.

I dream, as I look at the stars,

That the world will see

Being valued and free

Is far better… than destruction and war.


I dream of a day

When my friends are yours.

Although from quite different lands.

That you understand

All colors and beliefs

Can live in peace. Can hold hands.


I dream of a day,

Hopefully not far away,

When compassion wins in the end.

We’re all human after all.

We all stumble and fall

So let’s help each other up… and be friends.


I dream of a day

When the killing has stopped,

And peace prevails at last.

Borders are open.

Old vendettas are forgotten.

Past beliefs… will stay in the past.


I dream of a day…

But it is only a dream,

So many people will say.

Perhaps I am delusional?

Perhaps I am just a dreamer,

But to survive, we must find a way.


To break down barriers,

And to live together in peace.

It will be a challenge for some,

But why must we label

Our different neighbors?

Why can’t we become as one?


We all want respect.

We all want freedom.

Let’s open our eyes and see,

That we really do all want the same.

It’s really not complicated.

It’s peace… for you… and for me!


I dream of a day

When world peace is achieved,

And when the pen is the only weapon.

There will be universal love

And… to the power above I’ll say

“Thank you. Our Earth has now become Heaven.”

“My Dream” (together with so many other poems about various aspects of life) is included in my book “Just Thinking”. It is available in paperback, hard cover and eBook formats and can be purchased from all the regular on-line book retailers, or direct from the Friesen Press Bookstore.

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  1. Beautiful, Colin. And I think the cornerstone of the whole thing is this: “Let’s open our eyes and see / That we really do all want the same.” We are more alike than different; your portion of peace, freedom, and respect does not diminish mine in the least, in fact, it enriches and enhances both of us. My favorite meme reads “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.” 🙂

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