“The Odessa Chronicles” – a new review.

Reviews are so important for book sales, and so it is always exciting to see/read a new one. Below is the latest review, which includes a slightly different perspective of “The Odessa Chronicles”. For more information about the book, click on book cover over in right column (may need to scroll to find it). More reviews (ten at last count and all “five star”!), can be seen at amazon.com.


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July 15, 2019

I am still wading through this book which chapter by chapter gives unending magic, fun, hi-jinks and makes me a grown up smile or laugh while reading it to my kid. A darn good book. BUY it, preferably a paperback simply because this is one of those meant to be read in a chair type books. Every chapter is not only hilarious but short, and a breeze. It is great whether to read to children or simply to forget life awhile as an adult. We all need that! I almost never review a book before I’ve read it but, I am doing so now for two reasons. 1, it is taking me awhile to get through the whole thing (which is fine because it will keep giving for a looong time to come) and 2 every chapter is consistent, you can expect wonderful adventures and laughter without fail, this book is pleasant and consistent so I have no fear about crazy surprises or unexpected turns except the good kind. I am happy and comfortable to just review it ahead of time with confidence. Some books are fine whether ebook or print but this one should be read traditionally. You will absolutely love this book and I hope to see sequels!



25 thoughts on ““The Odessa Chronicles” – a new review.

  1. Benjamin and I are in total agreement with this wonderful review! The Odessa Chronicles is what we call a “chapter book”, because you can read from beginning to end or choose any one of the complete stories throughout the book. Benjamin’s favorite story is “Jaxon…the Hero”! So much so, that a small brown stuffed rabbit that he named Lucas was added and travels along with his beloved Jaxon and Jellybean in their own tote bag. Carolyn and you have written a marvelous collection of delightful and entertaining stories for the young and the young at heart! Thank-You x 2!!

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