A Ray Update!

My apologies to my Followers for the distinct lack of Posts (including my Saturday music Posts) for this past couple of weeks. The main reason was the surgical procedure necessary for our beloved Ray’s good health, with complications due to this time of year being heavily committed to other projects.

However … to Ray! He was diagnosed with a mast cell tumour which was surgically removed just over two weeks ago. We have been advised that the tumour was a subcutaneous mast cell and, as such, was not graded as 90% of them are benign. The vet’s opinion is that there is no known reason to believe anything other than he should live into his senior years!

His incision is a little over 4 ins long, and clearly giving him some discomfort as he periodically wants to lick the area. It is our understanding that occasional licking is not an issue, and allowing air circulation to it will speed recovery however, if it becomes obsessive, we may have to put his “onesie” back on him for a while!

Ray has had a very eventful life for so many reasons, many of which are captured in my book about him “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” which is available from all the usual on-line book retailers. Click book cover in right column (may have to scroll) for more information, and there are many reviews at amazon.com. All net profits will go to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (our local shelter).

35 thoughts on “A Ray Update!

  1. Pawsitive energy & strength to Ray πŸΎπŸ’œπŸΎ HuMom is always talking about finding time to get back to your wooftastic book. She loves it but has so much reading with her work & studies she is finding it difficult to make time for personal reading🐾
    πŸ’œnose nudges πŸ’œ

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    • Hey Bud! Tell her to get moving on it because part of its promotion is the fact that, unlike many dog books, I am still alive! I am about 8-1/2 now so still have quite some time left …. but I won’t be around forever! WOOF!


  2. I didn’t know Ray could read. I knew from reading Who Said I Was Up for Adoption that he could write, and write well, but aren’t you two the Literary Duo in this photo. I can not say too many times how much I enjoyed the book! It was a “darned good read.”

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  3. My apologies for this belated comment concerning this fantabulous news. The email came into my inbox quite late on Thursday and was found late yesterday afternoon by Benjamin and I. We did not have time to comment as he was leaving within minutes for a 3 day weekend at Cape Cod with family and friends.He noticed the photo straight off and was disappointed that I could not enlarge it for a closer examination. Benjamin immediately pointed out Ray and Mr. Colin reading the book. After reading the post together, he was so happy that Ray is recuperating and doing well, especially since one of my beloved Persian cats was not so blessed earlier this week. Losing a furry family member is never easy, no matter our age! Thank-you for sharing this wonderful update! P.S. Jaxon, according to Benjamin, was happy about Ray too!

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