“Just Thinking” & “Adrift”!

Every writer must enjoy reading good reviews about their work. Modesty aside, a lot of work and money generally goes into publishing a book, and so positive feedback makes it so worthwhile. Most writers will never see a significant income for their efforts, but the reward of just knowing that somebody, somewhere, experienced sufficient reaction to write a review … is priceless. They read the book! What more can anybody want?

I consider myself particularly fortunate because, some time ago now, I received the following text in an email concerning my “Just Thinking” book. Click book cover in right column (may have to scroll) for more information.

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“I did want to tell you about using “Adrift” in class. Since it is National Poetry Month, I have started every class (We meet each Wednesday for three hours) with some reference to poetry or to a specific poem. Here were a few “reactions” from millennials to “Adrift”:

One girl said the beginning of the poem gave her the feeling of being adrift in a small boat.  She accredited it to the entering of the boat and said she went into the boat with the couple. She said it made her want to let her thoughts drift away. Several said there were definite feelings of regret. Another older woman said it made her feel sad and think of her divorce. None of the young men commented, but after class one particularly mature young man said he guessed we were going to blame the lack of conversation on the man. LOL

It was such fun and so effective to use this poem that I intend to use another (a different one) in the fall.”

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For additional information about “Just Thinking”, see earlier Post (link below):


8 thoughts on ““Just Thinking” & “Adrift”!

  1. So, this is really cool in so many ways. First and foremost that your poems are even read in school and then, of course, the discussions and thoughts about them. That is one of the best compliments for a writer I think.

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  2. Knowing that your words touched someone’s heart truly is a wonderful feeling!
    “Adrift” is a touching poem, full of emotion, and I like what the students had to say about it.
    As far as the man’s comment goes, well………but there are times that women can be silent too. 🙂

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