“A Monarch Butterfly”

I am going to unashamedly promote my “Just Thinking” book of poetic verse! To be totally honest (why not?), this was not how this Post started, but I was browsing through some old notes and came across a comment*** from a reader of “Just Thinking”. The planned Post made an immediate change of direction to deciding to display “A Monarch Butterfly”. This, and many other life-related verses, are in “Just Thinking” which is available from  all the usual on-line book retailers, as well as direct from Friesen Press (click book cover in right column for direct link to Friesen Press). A great coffee table addition for those moments when a little light reading is desired!

You flew into my life.


Eye catching:


Your coat of many colours,

Gracefully swirled,

As you moved

In some mystical dance.


I was in awe.

Such beauty;

A Princess…

Right in front of me.

Colours flashed

As you turned around.

A sight indeed to behold

And… all could surely see.


But I was puzzled.

While I could see you

Oh so very clear,

To others it would not appear so.

They clearly saw me,

But passed on by,

And they seemed perturbed.

Didn’t they know?


“Why me?” I asked.

“Why me at this time?

The mysteries of life

Are long gone.

Why would you visit me

Oh fragile princess?

Why am I

Your chosen one?


I reached out to touch,

But you rustled your wings

And gently moved away.

What did I do?

Were you despairing

Of my clumsiness?

Should I even touch

A delicate being like you?


What was your purpose?

The silence was confusing to me.

Your being was a mystery

I did not understand,

But then you moved closer.

You reached out to me

And, for a moment,

You touched my hand.


You told me that I dream.

But to what ends?

They’re always elusive,

As you seemed to know.

Then you moved again.

Were you going to leave?

I had so many questions

Before you go.


But that was the moment

I shall never forget.

The warmth,

Enveloped in a shroud

Of harmony, of oneness.

I was at total peace,

As together we moved upwards.

Upwards and into the clouds.


Dreams would soon be realized.

I just knew this was to be

As we travelled through the air.

Just us two.

The sky became brighter.

My soul was now free.

My questions all gone.

The answers were… all along, you.

*** “I felt powerful emotions in these:
Adrift-such a sense of sadness and finality, and not knowing what to do.
Crescent Moon– a sense of yearning
Elusive Dreams– a final goodbye and acceptance
The River– finding peace amidst adversity
Monarch Butterfly-There is just something about this poem that really draws me in. Such a sense of joy at the end.”

6 thoughts on ““A Monarch Butterfly”

  1. The underlying tension in these words moved me. What a wonderful job here, spinning such emotions 🙂

    “Your being was a mystery

    I did not understand,

    But then you moved closer.

    You reached out to me

    And, for a moment,

    You touched my hand.”

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  2. We saw a Monarch butterfly on Sunday when we were in the Sunflower fields. It just kept flying around the flowers as we watched its beauty, like the beauty of your poem..
    I think your reader had very good insights about your poems. Always nice to know what others think of our writings.
    And that is the way it is with writing , you think you know what you plan to write for the day and then surprise! You are going in a new direction! Now perhaps the post you had for today you will be able to use another day. 🙂

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