“It’s the end of world (as we know it!)”

I was introduced to R.E.M. quite a few years ago during a spinning class! “It’s the end of the world (as we know it)”  was the final song of the class and, as R.E.M. were clearly winding down to the end  of the song, we were told to sprint … and hold the sprint until the very end. I soon found out that this song had a rather lengthy ending!

Below are two links. First is a live performance which I included because of the interactions with (and participation by) the audience.

The second link is so that you can follow the lyrics much better! This  has to be one of the best uptempo/uplifting songs regardless of the title. Enjoy!

34 thoughts on ““It’s the end of world (as we know it!)”

  1. REM was such a cool band. The song is new to me but the title reminded me of the way they ended their career. Haha, I almost see you sprinting at the end of the song and waiting for the last ruffle😅 (if that is the correct word… lol)

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  2. If I would have been told to think of a song with the word “world” in it, I would have thought of the song by Skeeter Davis! Same title, but quite different. Hers is a sad, slow song, while this one is upbeat for sure!
    My words would not be understood if I tried saying them as fast as they do! 🙂

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