” … and so the seasons change!”

This past Monday was a glorious day. We have already bid our farewell to Summer, and have not welcomed Winter just yet. Our weather forecasters were predicting only a slight chance of rain (with sunny periods) so we had a quick discussion, and it was decided to give Ray an extra special walk.

What a wonderful day for him. He loves the cooler temperatures and is a “very bouncy boy” when on trails, so it was off to one of our local conservation areas! Ray was, as could be predicted, very happy to be sniffing his way along our route and seemingly analyzing every conceivable scent. It was just over a 6Km walk with a number of rather steep climbs, so we all got a bit of a workout. On the final climb, and while Carol and I were discussing the possibility that this hill was steeper than last time, Ray was just effortlesslyΒ  taking it all in his bouncy stride (and pulling me!).

We couldn’t have such a lovely time without taking a pic …..


For recent Followers (thank you and welcome), there is a book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, which covers the first 18 months (an emotional roller coaster!) of having Ray live with us. Click on the book cover in right column (may have to scroll) for more information. All net profits will go to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society who rescued Ray, and worked with him for 3 months in order to make him a feasible adoption candidate!

36 thoughts on “” … and so the seasons change!”

  1. What a sweet, sweet picture!
    About two months before Lena left this world, a friend took me as a thank you present to a “Paint with a Twist” venue. This particular class was to paint (in acrylics) from a photo of your pet. My friend took the photo for me, and we sent it in, where the teachers sketched it out. I am so happy now I have that painting. I hung it on the Sunroom wall.
    Freesia in the meantime is endearing herself to us more and more each day.
    Give Ray a hug from Free

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  2. Oh, I can relate to that so well. Those rather unexpected and spontaneous occasions are treasured. So glad you could have this beautiful walk with Ray. Btw. I am always using the stairs (5 stories) for getting into my office. Every morning I think that the stairs are a little longer than the last time… lol

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