Three Wise Men?

I have been going through boxes of envelopes full of photographs; letters written to me over the years; Old Christmas and Birthday cards; Certificates, and various other miscellaneous souvenirs from the past … all as part of a project to organize our family history into suitable albums. Continue reading

The Laws of Holes

The internet, and specifically blogging, allows us to express ourselves to the full extent of our comfort level with the public nature of this medium. It is therefore not uncommon to witness somebody digging themselves a hole, and The Laws of Holes will inevitably come up in subsequent comments. Continue reading

Adjusting to Canada!

Making the adjustment from England to Canada was not a major challenge given the language and cultural similarities however, it did have its moments of concern. I just recently had a dialogue about my early interactions with the police in Canada, and it was requested that I provide the full story! Continue reading