Ray at Tim’s Drive-Thru!

This is a very brief (16secs) video of Ray as we wait in the Tim Hortons Drive-Thru line-up, and then approach the pickup window. He has a tendency to try and go either behind my seat, or across in front of me, as he tries to get his head out the window to greet an incoming TimBit (to the surprise of many a server). His restraints assure his lack of success, but safety concerns limited how much could be filmed given that I did not want him interfering with my driving!

22 thoughts on “Ray at Tim’s Drive-Thru!

    • He really is … but it took a few years and lots of patience to get him there. It’s all documented in “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” (available worldwide from all the major on-line book retailers). Treat yourself for Christmas! 🙂

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    • He really has … and people who meet him love him immediately, and have no concept of how much work he has been. Of course they wouldn’t as they only see the end result. We tell them Ray “turned the (proverbial) corner” after about 3 years, in the hope that they will remember that if/when they ever adopt a dog. 🙂

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    • He’s a smart “boy”. He got to ride in the car once, and saw food being thrust through the window! He almost intercepted it that time, so we had to adjust his restraints. He learned fast so every car ride now is exciting for him!

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