“Memories of East Texas”

While not exactly a Christmas song, it does have a connection! I have had a lovely lady in Texas following this Blog for quite some time now. She has been a strong supporter, and promoter, of “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” and “Just Thinking”, and in fact has used poetry from “Just Thinking” as a discussion point with a group of students. See link below:


Anyway … the other day a Christmas card arrived … from Texas! What a lovely surprise!

26 thoughts on ““Memories of East Texas”

  1. Always nice to find a surprise in the mailbox. 🙂
    I been to Texas once, when I was a child. We were passing through while on vacation, but ended up staying a week, due to a broken down vehicle! Will never forget the hospitality of the motel owners where we stayed. They invited us into their house to share meals, and took us sightseeing. Made what could have been a rather dreary, stuck in a motel room time, turn into a fun time of getting to know each other and getting to see more of Texas than we had planned on seeing. 🙂

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  2. Spent about 10 years in Texas myself and business took me around the state from the cities of Houston and Dallas to the oil fields of Odessa an Midland and the fields of Lubbock and Amarillo. About anything you want, you can find in Texas including big hearts.

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