That time of year!

It’s that time of year when …

we may well be reflecting back with pride, or with disappointment; when we celebrate new friendships, or mourn those that are no more; when we wonder where the year went, and yet not grasp the concept that the coming year may go just a little faster; when we (yet again) make resolutions to change a thing or two in our lives, but do no planning to give any of them much of a chance of success, and when we fail to acknowledge that we really are a strange species.

I wonder what Ray would be thinking at this time?

“HiΒ  everybody! Well … to start with, don’t waste your time making plans that have never worked before, and therefore are unlikely to work this time … unless you change something. I just keep training Colin and Carol. Works for me!

Then I would suggest that you treat everybody the way you would like them to treat you. Of course some will bark at you for no reason, but just ignore them and move on because the vast majority of them are just like you.

Then … take a look at what you have around you, in contrast to what you actually need. If you have a home, food, clothing, a toy or two and, ideally, a friend to play with … what more do you really need?

Be happy and let everybody know. I wag my tail! People like to see wagging dog tails (and smiling faces), and who needs a grouch anyway?

Finally, be really, really thankful for your life. So many of my species (and yours) have lost theirs for any number of reasons. The fact that you are reading this should make it rather obvious, even to your species, that today you are alive.

One day I will go to sleep and not wake up. I don’t know when that will be … but it will happen, so I am going to be nice to everybody while I can. I want the people who meet me to go home with a smile, and tell everybody what a wonderful dog they met downtown today … and his name was Ray!”

Have a truly wonderful new year. Woof! Ray.”


40 thoughts on “That time of year!

  1. What great nuggets of wisdom from Ray! His “nuggets” can be Instrumental in having a great attitude, especially when remembering to be thankful. May all of you go into 2020 with a smile on your face, and your tail wagging, with a Song in your heart and no growling. πŸ™‚

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