The world would appear to be evolving into a very unstable place to live and, sadly, that has nothing to do with environmental changes; the structural integrity of our planet, or some cataclysmic event in our solar system. Sadly … it has everything to do with us.

Our news is routinely showing large groups of people who are not only publicly voicing their frustrations, but are also exerting physical persuasions to make their point. We are fortunate to live in a society where anti-establishment feelings can be expressed without formal repercussions however, the seemingly growing intolerance to opposing views should be a cause for concern for all of us.

South of our (Canada) border, evidence would suggest that pockets of anarchy already exist. Discrimination based on skin colour is a “hot” topic, and the resulting anger is alreadyย  being seen as violence replaces peaceful protesting.ย  It would appear that over-reactions by protesters are being met by over-reactions of law enforcement agencies. That would suggest that the issues in question are being resolved by force, and not by negotiation. That in no way paves the road to a peaceful settlement.

I also understand that the US population already has a number of distinct belief system differences generally based around life perspectives and financial income, and Mr. Trump is certainly helping to ensure that the various divisive ideologies are alive and well and growing. Perhaps it is a divide and conquer strategy with the upcoming election in mind. Perhaps it is just his way of looking after himself, and with absolutely no interest in any debris he leaves along the way.

Nothing is likely to be done about Mr.Trump until the next election, but the rest of us (in whatever country we are in) can exercise a little self-control, and can acknowledge alternative views on a topic without feeling threatened, and reacting accordingly. It is all simply a matter of acknowledging different perspectives, and the reasons for them.

If you have read this far, you must be open to the concept of perspectives, so please click the link below:

24 thoughts on “Perspectives!

  1. Ultimately, this country is screwed. If Trump wins, the other side will riot and burn. If Biden wins, the other side will riot and burn. Past those two, there is a strong, coordinated, well-funded undercurrent that wants this country brought to its knees, one way or another.

    The NRA isn’t the only organization guilty of “influence peddling.” There are others that are far worse than that one. They exist to help keep our 2nd Amend. in place. WAY too many people would love to dismantle that and, that one amendment is what saves us from a complete dictatorship. As long as the government knows the people can fight back, it keeps them, somewhat, at bay. Right now, there is a concerted effort to pit people against each other. Those at the top (or in the background) are funding one side against the other because they would love nothing better than for a war to break out…and thin out the population…and bring on martial law. And, what better way to really make people nuts? Lockdown an entire nation over a flu bug with a smaller kill rate than last year’s flu bug.

    This country has been sliding down a hill, backwards, on its ass since JFK, RFK & MLK were murdered.

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    • There are so many countries that don’t have a right to carry firearms, which are functioning no worse, and perhaps better than the US. There are so many countries that pay significant taxes so that law and order can be maintained by the various levels of government. You guys also pay those taxes, and yet chose to carry firearms “just in case”. It seems to me that you should either let your taxes do their work, and ensure the various law enforcement agencies do theirs… or save yourselves a pile of money and go back to a “wild west” culture. Given the amount of countries around the world shaking their heads over the US at this time, one must deduce that either they have a point and the US really should listen, or one must conclude the US is right and the rest of the world doesn’t know what it is doing. Clearly we are not going to agree on any of these points, but they will hopefully provoke constructive thoughts by other readers.


        • No … you have every right to express yourself. My problem with the 2nd Amendment is that it was ratified in 1791, and appeared to have been based on a similar English motion passed in 1689. Acknowledging how our societies have developed over the past 250-300 years, it would seem that some creative forces have manipulated a rationale to keep the “right to bear arms” here in 2020.


  2. Hi Colin, I commented on your linked post at the time as it was indeed thought provoking.
    Covid apart, IMO we are living in troubled times as it would appear that whatever is said in whatever way to whoever will be taken by somebody somewhere as offensive and protests are then made where trouble can ensue.
    I have no problem with people’s beliefs, traditions, backgrounds or colour, but what I DO have a problem with is somebody trying to dismiss our own traditions, beliefs and now our history. I feel the world is spiralling out of control and nobody has the balls to stand up and say ENOUGH. However, could that be misconstrued and the protestors are actually doing just that, when vioence and anger breeds the same? It’s a double edged sword, but common sense and respect for other people has been lost in this constant Politically Correct environment. Just my opinion.

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    • Hi Di. I hope you will read the other Comments and my responses to them as it pretty much covers what you are saying. We need to promote an understanding of perspectives as much as we can so that there is less of the “I’m right and therefore you’re wrong” approach. Of course that does not mean that I have to agree with “your” perspective, but I should at least acknowledge your right to have an alternative perspective, and perhaps even be able to understand how you got that perspective. Everything tends to fall apart however when a certain stress level is reached and groups start to express themselves more forcefully and more abusively. A strong government is vital … and, seemingly, a rarity today.

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  3. This is the election season, or as Barack Obama was fond of calling it, “The Silly Season.” Lately the silly season has been getting rather violent in some of our cities. But I suspect after November 3rd things will start calming down. Hopefully.

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    • I hope you are right. My caution with that hope/belief is that the Super Trump and Dump Trump groups seem to be getting further apart and are at a point where there have apparently been clashes. If Trump is re-elected, and the “Dump Trump” group feels badly enough about it, you could have some serious riots to deal with. We should also remember that beneath the surface are the questions about the legitimacy of mail in voting, and your voting system in general. Super Trump spouts about that whenever he feels threatened, and the Dump Trump group may just play the same game if they feel that they may not win. As if that is not enough, you also have sizable population who are embroiled in civil rights, racial profiling, police brutality etc. etc.

      Whether any/all of the above are true is surely irrelevant. What is relevant is that you will be going into very sensitive election, and you already have a good percentage of the population feeling threatened and mistreated. You already have a sizable population of groups that are already expressing their frustrations with various levels of government and, what scares me the most …. is that so many of them a carrying firearms. One angry encounter, and one thoughtless reaction with a gun … and who knows how it could escalate.

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  4. I saw some vulgar and discouraging decals on a relative’s pick-up truck. It has altered how I feel about him and I’ve been struggling with it. He’s always been a kind person, helping others out when he can. If he truly believes in the sayings posted on his truck, he’s not at all kind.

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    • I agree that can be very “off-putting” but, while offensive expressions do reflect the owners situation at that time. I think it totally reasonable to expect a certain degree of civility. I have to wonder what they are trying to achieve, and whether they think that an offensive approach can work. I am reminded of a union protest here last year where they were obviously after public support, and yet totally disrupted traffic which surely would be counter-productive? They only way I can think of to come to terms with your “disappointing” relative, is to ask directly what they thought they would achieve. Presumably they knew that it would offend some people so …. why the “shock tactic”? There will certainly be a reason based on their perspective of the decal and the message it gives out, but who knows … they might just have a revelation and take a softer approach to their “message”?

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