These past few weeks – Part 4 (Final)

Parts 1 to 3 of these writings hopefully explain my roller-coaster analogy with my feelings. Part 1 was a high, followed by part 2 (low), followed by part 3 (high) … so what comes next?

Just before I flew out west, Carol discovered a lump on Ray’s stomach area. We took him in to see his vet and some tests were done. While I was in Vancouver, Carol forwarded emails to me so that I knew what was going on, and the conclusion was that he had an estimated 2cm long mast cell tumour.

As soon as I returned home, he was back into the vet’s for more tests, resulting in him being scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). The tumour will be removed, together with a quite large surrounding area, hoping that will effectively prevent further issues.

The poor guy has no idea what he is in for, but then … he is going to be medicated for quite a while (both prior to surgery, and afterwards in order to minimize him paying too much attention to his stitches). Hopefully, having us around all the time he is conscious will reduce some of his anxiety/stress.

Stay tuned … and prayers and positive thoughts for Ray please.

Note: Ray was estimated at 2 years old when he was picked up by our Humane Society. That makes him about 8-1/2 years old now.


“Sadness is … “

I was recently sent a link to a Post about a Golden Retriever named Murphy (aka Murph!). The Post was very emotional, but what caught my attention was the quote from a 5 year old boy! Continue reading