Happy Birthday!

It was on Nov 20, 2012 that Ray was picked up by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society and, based on the condition of his teeth, he was estimated to be around 2 yrs old.

We decided to use Nov 20 as his birth date and, in recognition of this and to express our thanks for the incredible support we had received from OMHS, we made a donation to celebrate his 3rd birthday in 2013. We also created a short video of Ray (link below) which briefly covered his life from being rescued to living with us.


Now we are going to celebrate his 4th birthday and will, once again, be making a donation to OMHS as an appreciation for the work they do, and also for their continual support and willingness to share their expertise. I cannot imagine that any pet store, or dog owner, would still be actively interested in one of their dogs so long after it had been sold!

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society is considered a high intake/low kill operation and employs two full time dog trainers whose job is heavily oriented around working with the dogs to a point where they can be considered candidates for adoption. Euthanasia is an absolute last resort and is used only for compassionate reasons such as ending physical and/or mental suffering. All animals that go through OMHS are neutered/spayed, and all this is done from voluntary contributions, revenues from adoptions etc., together with many animal loving volunteers. This hopefully explains our willingness to support such an operation whenever we can.

A number of people have commented that Ray was very lucky to have been picked up by OMHS. His future could otherwise have been very different ………………… and probably very short.

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Happy Birthday buddy! It is truly wonderful having you live with us.

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  1. Read your blog I was waiting to see if Ray came whipping rejoined a corner and your entire dining room table had been moved. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    “Living without hope is like trying to drive a car forward while looking only in the rear view mirror”. (Geri Scazzero author; The Emotionally Healthy Woman [pg.135])


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