Mid-November Picnic!

We’re a strange species aren’t we? We take so much for granted that, not only is it questionable whether we truly appreciate what we have, but also whether we take maximum advantage of our circumstances.

Yesterday (November 11), we decided to take full advantage of (what may be) our last warm day before Winter arrives. We decided to have a picnic down by the lake!

We have had many lovely days since May/June, but it took possibly our last warm day of the year to actually think about enjoying lunch down by the lake!

We think Ray is looking forward to the cooler temperatures, but would tolerate a picnic in these conditions as long as we share our food with him (which of course we did!).


Our seasons tend to be Summer and Winter, with very short Spring and Fall seasons separating them. This year however, we have been treated to a few weeks of Fall. What wonderful walks we have had (down to the lake and back) admiring the various trees in their seasonal leaf colours which absolutely “glow” when the sun is on them.

Ray is so much happier as well now the temperature is lower and the humidity negligible!

A Tale of a Tail!

There is a little dog, who shares his home with a variety of animals and birds and who has great dexterity with his paws such that he can apparently keyboard. In fact, he follows this blog regularly and occasionally dialogues with our Ray! Continue reading

The Inner Dog?

When Ray rings the bell on the back door, or when he just stands staring at the back door, I of course open it for him. Usually, he immediately goes out, down the steps, and into the garden where he takes care of his bodily needs. Sometimes he may follow some recent squirrel scents, or he simply does a garden perimeter check. It is probably fair to say that, on many occasions, he does all those things!  Continue reading

Gotta Luv Lululemon!

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