Football Fetch!

In contrast to a Post* a relatively short time ago in which I related Ray’s apparent reluctance to have much to do with snow, we have just seen a totally different side of him.

It started when we came back from a walk during which Ray had done his usual walk around and seemingly followed every scent that he could. Upon our return, and after we had let him through our back garden gate, he went bounding across the snow just being an over sized puppy! Whether he really was playing, or whether he was uncertain about the terrain he was on and simply trying to stay on top of it, we cannot know of course but he did seem to be having fun.

Carol, pretty much on impulse and to take advantage of his apparent high spirits, picked up an old football and threw it across the garden. The end result is below. It came back! Given that I was able to go inside, get my camera, and take this picture  should be a pretty convincing argument that it was not a “one off” event for him. Way to go Ray!2015 02 06 31 He quickly remembered the expectations, and the rewards, of Fetch** and proceeded to play just as he would with the Frisbee. It was so nice to watch him blast around the garden and clearly enjoyed chasing the ball down and, of course, getting his reward! Now where’s that tennis ball that we have been so unsuccessful with?

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20 thoughts on “Football Fetch!

    • General canine skills are slowly being demonstrated however, his claim to fame is his coordination between both feet, teeth and tongue! He was a stray for sometime so it is presumed that the latter were skills of necessity! Seeing him hold a Starbucks coffee cup with his feet, take the lid of with his teeth, and then explore the inside with his tongue …………………. pretty impressive! 🙂

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  1. I absolutely live for snow days here with my hound. I have never seen him happier than when he is leaping through the snow and snorting through the powder. Ray appears to have embraced his inner child. It is a truly beautiful photo of him. A keeper worth framing.

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  2. In our pack of three (separated temporarily into two and one by winter and 1200 miles) two are “ball” players, chasing and fetching while our Shorkie, Lexi, is the “toy” dog. She ignores a ball but will go after the biggest toy in the basket (she is only six pounds of fury) and drag it about shaking and playing tug. I guess each puts their own spin on the play instinct.

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  3. Ray looks so excited! Football!
    Balls are the center of the world for my guys. The mental focus that is shown towards a ball almost makes me think the ball will jump in their mouths! I get a bag of tennis balls from a golden retriever rescue nearby. We generally need a bag every other month. Did you know tennis balls are 2 halves? I learn this daily. 😉 Reminds me of a Muppet Show skit.

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