Snow Treasure locator!

Ray is awesome!

With “used and inconsequential dogs” in the past, let’s get back to more heart warming (snow warming?) and less frustrating Posts!

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned this before, but when Ray poops in the garden at this time of year, locating the “treasure” can be quite a challenge. For those of you who do not get the pleasure of snow, there are a couple of things that can complicate matters for the “treasure hunters”.

Noting that poop is initially quite warm, and snow can melt quite easily, it should be no surprise that the poop can bury itself quite fast! A light snowfall is not an issue because the final resting place is generally visible however, with a significant snow fall it can be quite a challenge trying to find the buried “treasure”. Add a gusty wind into the scenario, and there are no signs of anything!

Ray caught on very quickly with “Show me”. He would wander into whichever room I was in and just stare at me. “What’s up buddy? Show me what you want” would usually turn him around and I would follow him to the refrigerator, the back door, the refrigerator, his food bowl, or the refrigerator. The instruction was eventually condensed to simply “Show me!”

(As an aside, somebody once said about their own dog “If he ever finds out how to open the refrigerator door, we’re in trouble!” That statement is also very true here!)

Last winter, there was an occasion when I had no idea where he had pooped. His usual spots were undisturbed snow, so more out of instinct than any calculating on my part I said “Where’s your poop buddy? Show me.” Without any hesitation, he wandered across the garden, stopped, and pointed his nose to the ground. That was exactly where it was! This winter he has taken that level of cooperation to a whole new level.

A couple of weeks ago, Carol let him out so that he could poop, and then started getting dressed for the -10C conditions. She then went out and got the container and trowel. It would seem that as soon as Ray saw her with the container and trowel, he immediately went over to where he had pooped and pointed with his nose.

This process has been repeated so we are quite convinced that it is intentional assistance! Much as he complicates our lives (and he’s really good at that), we have to recognize his efforts to help out and be a contributing member of our family.

Ray is awesome!

So how do we get him up to the next level? That is where he collects the trowel and container on his way out; scoops his poop into the container; empties the container into the garbage bag, and puts the container and trowel back ready for next time. I guess that may take a while!

24 thoughts on “Snow Treasure locator!

  1. God, Ray is one lovable and adorable dog. What good fortune to realize that you totally lucked out in the canine companion department. Somehow, a great dog can make up for nearly all the other unfair, poorly timed, negative events in your life. Sometimes you truly luck out with a pup worth his weight in gold.
    Good luck with the new training adventure. I’m guessing if you find success, Animal Planet will be opening up a half hour spot with Ray’s name on it.

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  2. I think you definitely went from serious to silly in one post! When we potty trained Breck, we walked around the perimeter of our fence, since then, he had learned to only poop near the fence. Oreo… Well, he goes anywhere. I think I remember us talking about Ray liking snow piles and watching them roll down! Ah, poop, such a fun topic! 💩

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    • Serious Posts are good as a way of venting a little but, in this environment, probably do not serve much other purpose. I would be very surprised if anybody challenged them. As for poop topics? Well they are an inherent aspect of taking care of a dog and, the bigger the dog, the bigger the “aspect”! 🙂 🙂

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  3. I need to teach Choppy “show me”! Though I would be fine if she didn’t show me her poop. I am happy not knowing where that is in the backyard (usually she goes on her walks, so it is not an issue). At least, I say I am happy now. I will revisit this comment when I step in something.

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  4. We don’t use the “show me” phrase, but we do use the “tell me what you want” when we know the dogs want a treat. They dance around the treat jar and point their noses at it. Heck, if I could get our dogs to pick up their own doo doo’s, I would be one happy lady. (I can’t even get my boyfriend to do it) Way to go Ray for pointing out where your poopie is! Good boy!

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    • May I suggest that you spend some time training your boyfriend because there may well be a time when he needs to “cover” for you. Presuming that he also enjoys your canine buddies, he should contribute to their care and basic needs. Also don’t forget your power play – “Darling …. if you really love me………………………….”. 🙂


      • Thanks for your advice, but he is untrainable. The only thing he does for our dogs is pay for all the vet visits, meds, shots, etc. but he never takes them out nor does he pick up their poopie. That is my job. I have no power play here at all, using that phrase would get a blank stare from him.


  5. We use ‘Show Me’ too, but Maggie’s not quite so smart as Ray in giving the exact location.
    The ultimate in ‘doggie DIY clear up’ must be in the film Bruce Almighty ( 🙂 ). Anyone who can get their dog to sit on the loo (and read the paper, and do the crossword perhaps haha) has my vote in Dog Training!! (Thinking about it, I’ve actually seen this for real with cats!) 😀

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