Sometimes …..

Sometimes when we sit down for dinner (usually on the sofa so we can catch the 6:00pm CTV News), Ray will climb up onto the matching chair, curl up, and just watch us.

He knows that if he is good while we are eating, he will get a treat when we take our plates into the kitchen.

Sometimes after dinner, while Carol and I are still on the sofa, Ray will casually climb up and join us.

Sometimes he has his rear on my lap and his head on Carol’s lap but …

Sometimes he just curls up in the gap between us.

Sometimes he clearly goes to asleep but …

Sometimes we’re not too sure where he “goes”!

Sometimes I doze off after the 6:00pm CTV News.

Sometimes, Carol grabs her iPad and takes a pic.

2015 03 Sleep 3

Sometimes I think “I wish I had been awake to appreciate that moment!”

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    • This is a reward for 2 years of patience, learning, training, and generally having our lives revolve around him. We sacrificed (and are still sacrificing) our independence but, from our perspective, he is worth it. 🙂


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