Poor Ray!

A couple of days ago we headed out on our regular afternoon walk with Ray and, as we had not been to Lululemon for quite a while, decided to let Ray take us there… which of course he did. There was only a water bowl outside (no biscuit bowl!) and Ray was clearly perturbed as he looked all around for it. He decided that he needed to go into the store and get this obvious oversight resolved! Continue reading


Ray’s walks being limited by Carol’s current ability has been a concern although, given our high temps/high humidity recent weather, I don’t think that Ray is particularly bothered. Given the choice between going for walk in a fur coat at around 35C and 70% humidity, or napping in front of an air vent with continuous cool air coming out of it….. yes I think that I can understand his position! Continue reading

A minor setback!

I had some banking business to attend to so we all went to the bank and Ray, predictably, had a bounce in his step once he knew where we were going. Upon entering the bank, he went straight to the Service Desk, obviously intent on meeting his friend there who loves him and gives him biscuits but, this time, she was not there. Continue reading