In disbelief!

I really do not believe what happened the other evening!

Carol and I were meeting a couple of friends for dinner on the King’s Arms patio (so we could take Ray). After dinner, we expected him (Ray) to take us to Lululemon as he knew very well that it was just around the corner and the last time he was there he got treats, despite the fact that the store was closed, so his venture was very successful*.

After dinner, off we went. We knew full well that the store was going to be closed again and, unlike last time when they had some kind of training session going on at the back of the store, we felt pretty sure that this time he was going to be out of luck!

As Ray headed directly for the front doors, we noticed that all the lights were on and there was a crew inside who appear to be in the process of replacing all the display furniture, cabinets and counters. I then noticed a truck parked nearby that was clearly loaded with furniture and fixtures from the Lululemon store.

Ray, being totally oblivious to what was actually going on, just stood and stared through the glass front doors. As is his usual routine, if standing and staring doesn’t work, then sitting generally works so down his rear went and he sat there staring at the men inside. One man eventually noticed him and was clearly “taken” by this large furry face looking at him through the glass. He went over to the Lululemon biscuit bowl and took two biscuits. He then came to the front of the store, opened the door, and gave them both to Ray!

We’re never going to be able to convince Ray that Lululemon’s is a waste of time because regardless of the time of day, and regardless of whether they are open or closed ………… he still gets his treats!

*See “Another Lululemon Story” – May 11, 2015

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    • I think we understand them, but we just don’t apply them. Ray is opportunistic (like all dogs) – “If there is everything to gain and nothing to lose, go for it!” (So practical). He also has some degree of patience and a lot of perseverance. I have no doubt that, in the circumstances of the Post, he would have eventually barked in order to get the desired attention!

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