Ray’s Pool!

I guess the first thing to consider when buying a garden pool for a dog is getting his opinion on the idea. We didn’t do that!

A second thing to consider is an appropriate size which, again, should include the dog’s opinion. We didn’t do that either. What we did do however is have Ray with us when we decided that he needed a pool to splash around in during the hot and humid times.

He saw us select one and offered no comment. He saw us pay for it and load it into the car, and offered no comment. We were quite excited to get it home; fill it with water, and watch Ray enjoy his time in it …but that was not exactly how things worked out!

When we got home, we took the pool into the back garden and put it on the patio area while Ray supervised from the lawn. We unravelled the garden hose and started to put some water into it …… while Ray supervised from the lawn. I was expecting him to come over at any moment and interrupt the proceedings by getting into the pool … but he just supervised from the lawn.

Eventually, of course, the pool was as full as we wanted it and so we invited Ray to try it out. Ray will respond to many requests that involve some movement on his part but none of them would persuade him to step into the pool. Carol had a stroke of genius and tossed a few pieces of kibble into the water!

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He was in! He found the kibble and promptly stepped out of the pool. We tempted him in again, and again, and he eventually stayed in there looking at the water (possibly his reflection). He started to paw at the pool bottom as if he was trying to determine something but we never figured out what it was.

Our next challenge, once he was in the pool, was to get him to sit, and then lay down. His sit was interesting because his rear simply hovered over the pool edge and so never touched the water. The “down” position was never achieved!

What we did notice however, and you can see from the pic, is that Ray barely fitted in the pool and the relative sizes posed a rather belated question – Is this the right size for him? Would he have been happier in a larger pool? Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive so we donated this pool to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society and bought Ray a larger one.

Did we solve the problem? No! He is currently still not interested in getting in unless offered an incentive but, as the Summer progresses, we shall see!

Revelation: On July 6th. we came back from a short walk (heat and humidity were quite high) and Ray immediately stepped into his new pool and paddled around! Maybe we’ll get him to lay down in it yet?

14 thoughts on “Ray’s Pool!

  1. We were thinking about getting a pool for Bailey so your post made us realize that our expectations might not be hers. She is loving her afternoon swim in the lake. Until today, Bailey had only waded in to the bottom of her belly. She went in a little further and actually started to swim. The family was pretty excited and Bailey was surprised. Hope Ray will get more comfortable with his pool as the summer progresses.

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  2. My guys will go into a river, via a slope/beach entrance, however they have never gone in any pool I’ve gotten them. Oh well.

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  3. Ray says, “I’ll do this in my own time and in my own way” Maybe the pool needs to be at least 2-3 times larger than the size of Ray. But I have no idea how to coax him to lie down in the water. When it gets really hot maybe that will be the incentive.

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  4. We tried the same thing with Kali last year, got a pool small for her, but eventually coaxed her in but she wouldn’t lie down or splash around either (some water dog!). We pulled it out last week when the temps were over 100 degrees and she showed little interest. Like Ray she is a much better supervisor than splasher…

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  5. Seeing as Ray is not lab, I think you are doing very well. 🙂 And Ray will certainly appreciate having somewhere to cool off in when you get really hot weather.
    None of my six rescued dogs has ever gone anywhere near water, no matter the 38C temps. I used to pick up my ‘Lassie’ type dog and ‘swim’ her round the pool in my arms to cool off, but she never chose to go in by herself. LM, my difficult dog, is obviously perfectly street-bred for our hot weather and lies full stretch on the lawn in full sun on the hottest of days!!

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