Yogurt Strategy per Ray!

As noted in a Post the other day*, Ray has developed a fascinating technique for cleaning out yogurt containers. From his perspective, they must be one of the most unstable and frustrating food containers to work with however, below is his 4-Step plan for success:

Step 1 – Just get in there and lick out whatever you can! Once you start reaching in to get the good stuff on the bottom, the container will move but keep licking. Woof!

2015 08 31aStep 2 – This can be tricky! You have to grab it with your teeth and set it upright on the floor. To prevent it from falling, you must place a paw on the top to stabilize it. This will work up until you have to twist your head around to really clean up in there and then it will be guaranteed to move. Note that you can keep licking during this move. Woof!

2015 08 31bStep 3 – This is a complicated move but well worth learning. When the container starts moving (ref above Step 2), you must wedge one paw under the bottom of the container and, then with your other paw, roll it into a horizontal position. If you get good at this, you can still be licking the inside of the container while performing this (see me in pic). Woof!

2015 08 31cStep 4 – Now you have it not only off the floor, but quite well wedged between your two front legs and feet and you are still licking yoghurt. Woof!

2015 08 31dEnjoy the fruits of your labour, and remember that you can be enjoying yogurt throughout the whole process! You never have to stop licking! Woof! Ray.

*See Post “Ray’s Yogurt” – September 1, 2015

21 thoughts on “Yogurt Strategy per Ray!

  1. Excellent instructions Ray! The only thing we can think to add is to leave the container in a strange place for your slaves to find at a later date, like under a couch or similar low piece of furniture πŸ˜‰ From Tillie & Elvis.

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  2. Brilliant Colin. Ray’s so smart. Maggie likes to get her nose in containers like this too though finds her nose or tongue isn’t quite long enough to get to the bottom. Barney, her predecessor, used a similar technique to Ray’s though to get that final bit out of the bottom, he used to squash the container to move it all up within his reach! If we had a bought lasagne and we gave him the empty tray, he would chase it all round the kitchen as he licked it but eventually cottoned on that if he stuck his foot in it, it stayed still! Maggie seems to have ‘missed out’ on that bit of improvisation!

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  3. One-eyed Dave (my cat) likes cleaning out yogurt post as well. His favourite seems to be kiwi fruit flavour. He can lead lick out the remains of a pot absolutely clean … except for a few pips. Quite amazing.

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