Apple Pie!

A very long time ago now, I wrote about Ray’s obvious love of both pumpkin pie and whipping cream* however, pumpkin pie is usually only on our minds around Thanksgiving time and, as much as I love whipping cream, a relatively healthy lifestyle dictates that we don’t have it too often.

A short time ago, our neighbor baked me an apple pie (an appreciation of neighborly assistance in a home maintenance issue) and as soon as I saw it, I had to admit that it would look extremely good beneath some whipping cream! We had to go to our local food supplies store for a number of items and so added a small carton of whipping cream to the shopping list.

Walking back home from that store is always interesting because Ray knows that the bags contain various types of food and obviously wants to ensure that they get home safely. At least that is my interpretation of why he walks so closely to the bags and tries to get his head inside the nearest one while trying to look where he is going.

Walking home with that small carton of whipping cream I realized that, at that moment in time, I was Ray’s best friend. When we arrived home and started unpacking the bags, he just sat and watched intently. His head turned in synchronization with me placing the carton in the refrigerator. He looked perplexed when the refrigerator door was closed!

Later that day, it was time to sample the apple pie but first ……. the whipping cream needed whipping! Some of you are not going to understand this next part, but my Mum used to whip up all kinds of things and she always used a fork to do the whipping. That is how I learned to whip things up and so, much to Carol’s amusement, I poured a little whipping cream into a cup and started beating it with a fork. I realize that there are special hand tools to do that and, even better, power tools, but a fork was my tool of choice!

As soon as the refrigerator door was opened, Ray was at my side monitoring events. When he saw me take out the whipping cream carton, I had his undivided attention. When I took out a fork and started to beat it, I suspect that he was laughing inside having probably never seen such a spectacle before! Regardless of how much he knew, it was sufficient for him to decide to stick with me.

Beating up anything with a fork is a quite slow process so it is natural to get a little impatient and speed up the fork activity now and then. The result is usually that some of what is being beaten splashes out! Ray was onto it like a dog that hadn’t eaten all week. The beating continued with Ray supervising as if his future here depended on it. There would be periodic splashes of cream on the floor which he would immediately take charge of and, by the time the cream in the cup had started to thicken, I was surrounded by an incredibly clean looking hardwood floor!

I was not going to tempt a repeat of the Pumpkin Pie incident* and so had every intention of not giving any signals that could remotely be interpreted as “Help yourself”! What I did do however (because I love him), is to wipe my fingers around the inside of the cup and let Ray lick them clean.

All’s well that ends well. Ray managed a few good licks of his beloved whipping cream, and I enjoyed my apple pie underneath a generous layer of the same! In business, it would be called a decisive “win-win” result.

*See “Pumpkin Pie & Whipping Cream” – November 8, 2014

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