Shopping with Ray!

Ray is an interesting dog! We don’t always understand why he does what he does, but we know it will bring smiles to those who see him.

Carol and I both needed new boots for the winter and, given our conditions over the winter period, good traction was a primary feature required. We therefore took Ray on a longer walk than usual so that we could look at boots available at our Hikers Haven store.

As is necessary in these situations, one of us will hold Ray’s leash and monitor him and any nearby activities, while the other one goes about their business. The store was not particular busy and so one or two staff members came over and said “Hi” to Ray while I was trying on different boots. He handled it extremely well and, in fact, lay down with his front legs crossed and just generally looked around. Being surrounded by footwear, clothing, tents and a variety of other camping and hiking supplies clearly did not excite him.

When I had decided which boots were best for me, I took charge of Ray while Carol went through the same process of boot evaluation. I was sitting next to a sloping board on which were fixed a number of round stones of various sizes. It was obviously a place to test the traction on boots that were going to be expected to handle a rugged terrain.

As I was looking at it, Ray decided to get up and start moving around however, there was not much room in our area due to the product displays and allowing for staff to come past us to take boots off the shelves. I asked Ray to come back to where I was and then to sit. He decided (as only Ray would) to climb up the stone covered board; turn around and promptly sit! Seeing a large dog sitting on a sloping, stone covered board probably “made the day” of a number of people there!

On our way home, we decided to stop at Tim Horton’s and get coffees for us and a plain Timbit for Ray (He is so spoiled). Being a food serving business, Ray is not allowed inside however there was an empty metal bench seat outside just waiting for us! Carol sat on one end of it, and I sat a sufficient distance away so that our coffees, and his Timbit bag, would be between us and all was well.

Ray sat very well in anticipation of his pieces of Timbit (we break off pieces to give to him) and we were enjoying our coffees until he decided that he wanted to also sit on the seat …. between us! As fast as were moving our stuff out of the way, he was coming up; turning himself around, and then taking a sit position. A smaller dog would have been seen as cute, if noticed at all. When Ray sits however, he is the same as height as us when we are sitting. It was an impromptu and free few moments of entertainment for people arriving, leaving, or simply passing by!

There’s never a dull moment when you have Ray with you!


23 thoughts on “Shopping with Ray!

  1. It’s a lot of fun to watch people watch your dog. We take Kali to town to certain shops but not nearly as extensively as you do with Ray. Still I always enjoy watching people react to Kali. You can tell the “dog people” who look and give a knowing smile to both Kali and I. There are not “moderates” who don’t have dogs but they get it and also smile maybe with a glint of envy. Then there are the non-dog people who look usually at Kali without a smile as if to say “why on earth would you have a dog inside this store – is that even allowed?” These types usually don’t make eye contact with me. Finally you have the people that are scared of dogs. It’s a shame but many people have had bad experiences with dogs at some point in their past and these people take a wide birth around Kali (who is oh so vicious looking…!).

    It’s so awesome that you and Carol and Ray spend so much time doing things. Had I come across the two of you sitting on that bench with Ray sitting in the middle I would have certainly smiled, given a knowingly nod, and thought the three of you were quite normal. Why should Ray sit on the ground when he can be a full part of the pack sitting on the bench, relaxing on a nice fall day with those he loves the most,

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    • We cannot take him into places that serve food (Ontario law), and wouldn’t take him where items on shelves are fragile. If in doubt, we always ask and are surprised at how many times they say “Sure… bring him in!” Many places encourage it by offering dog biscuits, and “big box” stores (Home Depot and Best Buy) agree because they just want you in their store hoping that you will buy something! All out pet supplies stores are fine but then, I guess they should be to have any credibility! 🙂

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      • We can have dogs at the tables outside most cafes (they usually provide doggie water bowls), and in most pet stores, mostly those great one that sell products but not puppies or kittens (this is catching on in Australia with a lot of promoting adoption, not buying from backyard breeders). But no other stores that I know of! Mine would create havoc, anyway 😉

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  2. It is so good that you take Ray many places and something the stores allow. Here in my stodgy town that would never be permitted but perhaps the size of the town makes a difference. I love to see interactions between an owner and their dog. Nothing cuter or more entertaining. I think you live in a great place- you are fortunate.

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