Just Sittin’ Around!

The Town of Oakville has a nice little harbour which is very popular with local boat enthusiasts. More importantly to us, it allows us to vary our walks with Ray as we weave our way to the downtown area for personal business and/or to simply allow Ray to visit his “biscuit giving friends” at the TD Bank and Lululemon!

We can be in a lakeside park within 10 minutes of leaving home and then follow a trail which takes us along the lake’s edge, up some wood steps which go up to a kind of “lookout” over the harbor entrance area. From there, there are a number of ways to get back down to ground level and into town. Because Ray has always seemed to be particularly happy on trails, we recently used this route.

The whole area near the harbor has been undergoing a renovation and, as the day was perfect, we stopped for a few moments to take advantage of some of the new “fixtures”! Needless to say Ray brought smiles to the faces of many people as he took his place in the chair.

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I cannot really see that a “Muskoka” style chair would be that comfortable for a dog, especially the way that Ray sat in it, but he was certainly entertaining!

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  1. I read your piece on my phone where I can’t access the photos easily – I knew it would be a good one once I finally saw him sitting up there, and it was! 🙂 He’s like our Tillie, you just want to reach out and bear hug him, with permission, of course!

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