Positively positive!

A number of blogs postings that I read either emphasize the importance of positive thinking, and/or are examples of positive thinking. I would like to believe that my Dog Stories portrays both aspects.

Living with Ray has been successful because there has always been the belief that the three of us (Carol, Ray and I) could reach a relatively harmonious relationship. Living with Ray’s fears; anxieties, and his rather dramatic responses to them, has been successful because we have always believed in both his ability, and his desire, to adapt. Living with the trauma of Ray being diagnosed with Stage 2 Heart-worm was successful because, while we knew that his chances of surviving the treatment was around 50/50, we believed that with due diligence on our part, he could actually pull it off! We adopted Ray knowing full well that he was not a puppy, and that he had no training in his past but we believed that, with lots of TLC, even a young adult dog would willingly accept direction. We have always believed in Ray, which is why significant sacrifices have been made both at a personal and at a financial level, and we have not been disappointed.

We could have given up on him as a result of his initial attitude. We could have given up on him based on the high cost, and the unknown outcome, of heart-worm treatment. We could have given up on him based on the issues around training a mature dog. There were many other incidents where we could have given up on him but, for all the negative aspects confronting us, there were always an equal number of positives. It just came down to what we chose to believe.

A seemingly long time ago now, I published Post which included Colin’s Law No. 4*. This would appear to be an appropriate time to introduce Colin’s Law No. 1. This Law is intended to be used to counter negativity about goals, aspirations and dreams.

Colin’s Law No. 1 – The Law of Probability: If something is probably not going to work, and if no other evidence exists to support that position, then there must be an equal probability that it will work. It therefore becomes a matter of choice. Do you want it to work………………… or not?”

The above can be linked to a related quote (author unknown):

Once a decision has been made, support that decision with 110% commitment and effort. If it was a bad decision to start with, you might just turn it into an acceptable one. If it was an acceptable decision to start with, you could turn it into a good one. If it was a good decision to start with, you could turn it into a very proud moment indeed!

We are very proud of the progress that Ray has made and, modesty aside, are very proud of what we have accomplished with him. This was achieved with a positive attitude, and 110% commitment and effort.

*See “Dear Diary – Page 16”  June 25, 2015


14 thoughts on “Positively positive!

  1. Oh the stories definitely do! They also portray the love and connection between a man and his best friend. I still remember that post where I thought you were talking about another man as a friend but it turns out it was good ‘ol Ray that was the friend 😀

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  2. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is something Hubby and I swear by. If you think of all the ways things can fail, it probably will because you haven’t tried the alternative. Too many people talk themselves into giving up when a little positive thinking can turn things round and lead you to reap so many rewards (as you and Carol have with Ray).

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  3. I have admired your efforts to home and train a dog that others would put down. My attitude about cats is similar as I have adopted the unadoptable and been surprised with the positive outcomes. The thing is that this is contagious. It weaves it’s way into other parts of life and that’s all good. If you want it to work (and there is no concrete evidence that it won’t) it will. You too have been rewarded with a gorgeous loving dog (who I think is very grateful).

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