Ray’s Face!

I love Ray’s face!

When he first moved in with us, his fur was quite coarse. Now it is so soft and is usually commented on when people touch him.Most of that is presumably due to him being very happy in his new lifestyle. Food is provided regularly; He is walked daily and often gets to play in the garden; His “space” is respected, and he is most certainly loved. Slipping regular salmon oil capsules into his food dish may have also helped!

I love his ears! German Shepherds have very distinctive, erect and purposeful ears. They always seem to be in alert mode but Ray, with his Rottweiler genes appears to have inherited the floppy Rotti ears! Like his fur, they just invite touching and stroking.

Then there are his eyes! He can stare to get your attention (and believe me it works), or he can stare to make you feel uncomfortable (and that also works). His eyes can also be so soft and friendly. He has Rotti “been around the block a few times” eyes. They are worldly eyes.

2015 09 20 CM09CR

They are also very expressive eyes. Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I have read “You’re joking right?” in those eyes. I have also read “Don’t even try”, “Where’re we goin’ Dad”, and “I love you too” in those eyes. He often comes to see me and just stares, and it soon becomes obvious that I have messed up on a daily routine. He is trying to fix my obvious oversight and it is generally done with his eyes!

His nose! Therein is a little mystery because although it is a rather Shepherd nose, it is a little shorter and wider than the Shepherds that I have seen. It is also a little longer than a Rotti nose.

2015 03 12fCROf course, being a Shepherd/Rotti cross, it could literally be a compromise … but why the small raised area on the top? Perhaps it is the result of an incident somewhere in his past?

What an amazing face to be greeted by every morning, and to see it so often during the day. I am so fortunate! 🙂



22 thoughts on “Ray’s Face!

  1. Ray really is stunningly handsome, but I’m amazed at how different he is in his profile shot! And as you say it’s his eyes that really do it – Tillie has the same soft expression now that she’s comfortable with us (we very rarely see the cold stare these days thankfully!) Lovely piece 🙂

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  2. Colin – I enjoy all your posts but I have to say that this post was very touching and, as usual, I can totally relate to it. The love you have for Ray and he for you comes through loud and clear with how you describe this perspective of your relationship with one another. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow the concept and use it for one my posts in the future about Kali. Reading this I have to say I got a little choked up because I have the same passion for my relationship with Kali. Thank you for such a tender and personal post!

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  3. He is quite handsome. Those special breeds come with problems too. Some are genetic health issues and some are behavioral so paying big bucks doesn’t guarantee you anything. It’s all in the training. My cats talk with their eyes too. And occasionally their mews which are specific to what they are trying to communicate. I definitely know it when I’m screwing up their schedule.

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    • I too think that he is aware of it! What continually puzzles me Erika, is how anybody could abandon such a sweet “guy”. It also puzzles me why people spend $800.00+ on a dog from a breeder, when there are so many (just as cute as Ray) just waiting in shelters for a loving home, and at less than half the price of a breeder. It can be argued that shelter dogs are more of a challenge, but all dogs require an investment of time and require training. Shelter dogs may have more complex issues, but the shelters are aware of these factors and clearly explain them to prospective owners so you know what you are getting into. Ray was one of our shelter’s more difficult dogs but, with training; lots of helpful advice; much self education; loads of patience, and commitment ….. look at him! For anybody who does not think they could meet that criteria, I suggest that they never have children because there is very little difference in raising skills. You still need to teach boundaries; love unconditionally; forgive as necessary, and commit lots of time.

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      • I totally agree! Many people choose a certain kind of dog to present themselves which is disgusting to me. But some I guess really like certain breeds. I am also more the type of person who wants to look into the face of a being and connect over their eyes not over their origin.
        I think that raising a shelter dog and all the more effort they need is the reason that the bond is even stronger. Because the decision of choosing this dog is a decision of love in first place. And that is what comes through when learning about Ray and you!

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