What a small world!

We live a few minutes’ walk away from a street with numerous cafes and restaurants, and quite the assortment of stores filling the spaces between them. As I have noted in various other Posts, Ray’s nose is working excessively hard when we take him up that street; probably on total overload with yummy food smells!

We are used to him putting the brakes on at Fantastico Pizza because the owners are dog lovers (especially rescued dogs), and they just love to see Ray (and he knows it!), and they often give him a couple of pepperoni slices (doggy heaven!). Taking him up on the other side of the street is marginally better, but then he stares at the people in the cafes and restaurants who happened to choose a window seat. All he wants to see is even a hint of his presence being recognized, and he will sit and give those people the “big eyes – I’m starving” look!

On a walk the other evening, we managed to coax him past Fantastico Pizza and we were both enjoying watching him effortlessly trotting along beside us. We went past all the usual stores not expecting any more issues when suddenly he stopped. He was not going to move any further!

We have had this scenario many times and, while we still don’t always understand his reasoning, we do acknowledge that something is going on inside that Rotti brain of his! One common way to resolve the impasse is to simply turn him around and the see what he does. On this occasion, he immediately started going back down the street (the direction we had come from) and he was pulling. Ray is, in general, very good on the leash but, when he pulls, we know that he is on a mission!

It was not long before he took a sharp right turn, and stared through a glass door. It was not a store that we had noticed before, but we did see two ladies inside. Ray, predictably, stood there staring until he decided the sit position was perhaps more strategic! My thought was that they had food in there somewhere.

One of the ladies suddenly noticed Ray. Her face just lit up with a big smile and she came over, opened the door and invited us in. It was a fairly new business ( Fairy Dog Mother), and was a grooming business ……… with lots of treats in containers. Ray was totally spoiled both with attention and with treats!

We had a really interesting conversation because we had met (a few days earlier) a man who loved Ray immediately. Apparently Ray reminded him of his own Shepherd/Rotti X who had recently passed away. We discovered that one of the ladies in the Fairy Dog Mother store was that man’s wife. She was so thrilled to meet the dog that her husband had been telling her about! So cool! What a small world, and he brought smiles to a few more faces!

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  1. It is nice to see people are so kind and treating animals warmly with love and respect. But still, there are numerous animal cruelty has been done by animal-haters all around the world in every part of different countries.

    I remembered well, when I was a child of 11 or 12, our Chinese neighbor( a fat mid-age lady) always seems to throw aways her kittens directly at the back yard, letting it rot and die under the hot sun … I watched her all the time with my brother because my room was at the back. I always see and saw what she is doing (all the time). Never a friendly woman who never really greeted us after all thos 20 years living in the same neighborhood.

    When she left, my brother and I quickly gone to the back yard and took all of kittens and nursed them immediately with food & shelter. My mother is the one who helped us all the time and never once she ever questioned the kids what are we doing with all those rescued animals we brought home. Even my strict loud spoken grandmother supported us and took a few cats and a dog for her farm house.

    I hope that more people has the HEART for animals because they are mainly part of this world too.


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