Dog Power!

As I have mentioned numerous times, Ray has a serious case of separation anxiety.

While he has a strong attachment to both of us, he typically allows me a little latitude. Carol cannot go anywhere without him shadowing her.

At the time of writing this, Carol is with a friend of many years, having lunch and catching up on each others’ news. Ray has spent most of the time sitting on “his” chair and looking out of the window which overlooks our driveway.

At around 3:30pm, I decided that as Carol’s expected return time was unknown, and as Ray needed his walk, I would take him out before it started to get dark. Traditionally this has really not been much of a problem, especially after Carol had been gone for a few hours. He would often hesitate, but then seem to come to terms with the situation, and all would be well. Once he was off our driveway, his nose would be doing the “driving” and Carol would appear to be forgotten for the rest of the walk.

This time started off as expected. He allowed me to put his harness on him and, not too enthusiastically, followed me out of the back door; through the gate and up our driveway. At the end of our driveway is where he started resisting. With a certain amount of “persuasion”, we managed to progress as far as our neighbor’s driveway but then he planted his rear firmly on the ground and was clearly going no further!

I am not averse to using a little muscle to move him after all, he does have choices just like the rest of us, but  trying to drag 75lbs of sitting Ray along a sidewalk is futile (and could well create more problems than it resolved!).

We have had this situation before and the solution is to wait for a few minutes; get him back up on his feet, and continue. This time however, we never made the “continue” because he promptly sat down again. Plan “B” is to repeat the process but let him decide the direction to go, and then spin him around after a few minutes. That didn’t work either! His choice of direction was back to our driveway, and back into the house where he climbed up onto “his” chair and, once more, stared out of the window which overlooks our driveway!

He did eventually get his walk, but that was after Carol had returned!


13 thoughts on “Dog Power!

    • No it is quite explainable. She “mothers” him to death, especially when she hasn’t seen him for awhile. She has to put some “distance” between them if he is ever going to be happy when left alone. That will be difficult.


  1. Oh, Ray! If only one could explain things to a dog, they would be so much more content. It is part of their charm that you can’t, but I would love just five minutes where I could explain a few things to Choppy (such as, ‘shots may hurt, but they keep you well,’ and ‘I love you far more than the cat, so no need to be jealous.’

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  2. Our black Lab is the craziest one! Always being overly-excited when he sees that one of us pick up the harness and he started to jump all over the place and my two years old boy would join him too. Two babies of mine overly-excited! LOL

    The only thing with our Ambos hate the most is the thunder. He will squeeze himself anywhere to hide – under the sofa for one thing or when we are all in the dining room, he’ll be under the table between our legs.

    I remembered one night when we had a terrible storm and it was really loud, Ambos came into our room and sitting between us in the bed until next morning. Poor baby always lifted up his head everywhere when loud noises of storm hit the roof or rattling the windows. But odd is, he is way braver when it comes to protect the kids! 😛

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    • Hi Sherrie; Ray has had many problems but the only serious one remaining is his separation anxiety. Fortunately, he has never been bothered by storms or fireworks! That may well be due to the time when he was a stray. He would have had to get used to many things during that part of is early life.
      Re your last sentence? I had an aunt with a lab (Beauty) and she was extremely protective with my (then) baby sister. Very few people were allowed close by when Beauty was “on the job”! Ray is much the same. Very protective of us.

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      • Labrador are known as the hunter breed. Now, they are one of the most loyal bodyguard and family friend. Our Ambos is quite protective once it comes to the kids. He seems to always watch out the one kid that seems to wander off too far from the group. He will watch and follow here and there. Then he would stop abruptly, he stares at one point of a direction and he will run towards it when he noticed a stranger too near one of the farthest child and he stood by to guard. Love that dog. But he is getting older now …

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