Ray’s Christmas Cards!

Given the time of year, it seemed to me that it would be very appropriate to give a card (from Ray!) to the various businesses that have opened their doors, and their hearts, to him.

They deserved to know that Ray’s socializing skills have dramatically improved, partly as a result of their acceptance of him.

The plan was to use up some heavy stock, colored paper. Fold it in two to produce the card shape; mount a 5″ x 7″ Ray photograph on the front, and then write something inside. Voila! A Christmas card from Ray!

It all came together rather well, and so our first delivery was planned around taking Ray on a walk to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. Of course he was spoiled as usual with treats and strokes, and we duly handed over the envelope. The lady opened the envelope and sighed at Ray’s pic on the front. She then opened the card and started to read it, but put it down. With a wipe of her eyes, she said that she would read it later.

OMHS Card Text

It seemed a good time to leave her with her emotions, so we left and headed downtown to the Lululemon store. There is one particular lady there that just loves Ray’s visits, and so we gave her the envelope and proceeded to give Ray some pieces of biscuit from their bowl. When Ray finished, the lady had turned away and seemed busy so we headed for the doors. As we turned out and passed the store window, I just happen to glance in. She was wiping her eyes!

All the other cards carried a similar message, but carried unique comments that would relate specifically to the recipient business.

In a culture where emotions are so often hidden (buried?), it was so nice to see a free expression of feelings however, we were rather hoping for a more joyous response! Thinking about it though, tears of joy more than qualify wouldn’t you think?

With those experiences behind us, the cards for TD Canada Trust Bank, Fantastico Pizza, North Oakville Animal Hospital, The Ark and The Fairy Dog Mother were delivered and, after each delivery,  we made a strategic exit so they could be alone with their emotions… if necessary!

15 thoughts on “Ray’s Christmas Cards!

  1. I would cry too. My cats send a note and donation to the shelter they came from around the holidays. Sometimes I include a picture. I think they need to know they are appreciated and do so much good. I love that Ray (and you after all) thanked the businesses. Around here most businesses aren’t dog friendly except for service animals.

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    • The only real purpose “over-do” serves is to give businesses profit. A friendly smile and a “thank you” seems to work extremely well and, as I have noted many times, dogs have it all in a perfect perspective. A toy, some treats, and lots of love. What more could we humans possibly want? 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing this very touching story of how something as simple as a card can make a difference in someone else’s life and also a reminder of the importance of saying thank you. I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year xx Rowena

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    • Thx Rowena. Recognition, simply as a fellow human being, is so often overlooked in our hectic lives. If you get a chance, please drop by tomorrow as my Post is a poem written last week by my daughter. I have a suspicion that you will really like it. You “guys” have a wonderful time too over the holidays and, if I could send some of our “more appropriate Christmas weather” over for your lovely dancing daughter, I would. Sadly all she would get would be a soggy package!! 🙂


  3. Unlike mass produced cards, the personal touch is always so much more special. The fact that each message related to a specific individual/company enhances that. It’s nice to be appreciated, and no doubt they have all seen Ray’s progress and been glad to be a part of it. That’s priceless.

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