A Ray View?

Today (23rd) was a typical “close to the holidays” day!

We took Ray down town as we had some banking to do (Ray got treats). We then had to go to another store, and the easiest way to get there was past Lululemon (more treats for Ray)! With the shopping almost complete, we headed through town with the plan to go home when Carol stopped and said “Can we just go into this store for a minute?” It was a clothing store.

We entered the store and quickly found out that Ray was welcome there. As we had never taken him in there before, he seemed to be quite pre-occupied with looking around, and sniffing at every purse and bag that came close to him as other shoppers moved around.

Having seen nothing of interest to her, Carol decided to check out the displays upstairs, so we all climbed the stairs. The stairs took a turn about half way up and, on that turn, there was a window overlooking the street. . It was on that turn that I noticed Ray. He was clearly puzzled by the window and the view through it, but as Carol was continuing up the stairs he was quickly side tracked.

While wandering around the upper level, I noticed that there were floor to ceiling windows, again overlooking the street and, again, Ray seemed curious.

When Carol had finished looking around, I explained what I had seen and suggested that we take Ray to a window and see what he does. It was fascinating. He walked up quite close to the windows and looked out and down. His head followed cars going past below us. He seemed to be totally focused on what was happening “down there”.

On the way back down stairs, he stopped on the turn and once again looked down through the window and seemed totally focused on the activity below us.

I would love to know what he made of it all! Perhaps it was nothing more than simply a really cool view of stuff happening? Perhaps he could not relate to it at all and just figured it was “someplace else”? Perhaps he was wondering how much food was down there, and how could he get to it?

When we left the store, he was his usual self. I don’t suppose for one moment that he knew that he was looking down over this spot a few minutes earlier!

3 thoughts on “A Ray View?

  1. It would be great to know what goes through our dog’s minds in situations like this. I think, a lot like children, when dogs experience something new they have a sense of wonderment. Adults tend to rationalize new experiences which takes a lot of the wonder out of it. I recall a few years ago on a trip to the Grand Canyon and stepping up to the rail on the edge and seeing the vastness of the canyon for the first time. It literally (and I mean literally) took my breath away. And just for a few moments I felt like a child awash in total amazement. Maybe that’s how Ray felt. Or, like you said he could just have been wondering how much food was down there.

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