Ray at the Wine Shop!

When we have to shop at our local supermarket, Ray is (understandably) not allowed anywhere near the produce/food areas however, as all that stuff is on an upper floor, he can legally wait on the ground floor which has a dry cleaners, wine shop, flower shop and greetings cards displays.

Typically, when I have gone in and done the shopping, Carol has sat in the entrance lobby with him. At this time of year however, the entrance lobby is “cooking” with the heaters on full so she has walked him around the ground floor. They usually end up at the bottom of the escalator which is where I meet them.

Just across the road from this store is Bark & Fitz, a pet supplies store. Ray takes us there periodically because he gets treats from the staff but one particularly man there really likes Ray and shows it. We recently learned that same man periodically works in the wine shop on the ground floor of our supermarket!

This evening (Jan 26), we went there to do some shopping and, as I came down the escalator, Carol and Ray were noticeable by their absence. When I reached the bottom, I turned to look for them … but nothing! I thought that perhaps they had, for some reason, gone back to the entrance lobby and so started off in that direction.

As I got closer to the wine shop, I saw the back of Ray as he sat there being pampered by the Bark and Fitz man! He (Ray) seemed to be very happy getting lots of attention! He did acknowledge my arrival, but then immediately gave all his attention (sit and look cute) back to the Bark & Fitz man.

He is becoming such a social guy and, while it is a real pleasure to see (when one remembers his history), it is making every walk into a “Let’s see if my friend is at (wherever) ….. as they might have treats for me!”

We now have to try and find a route where he doesn’t know anybody in order to show him that the world does not revolve around him, but that is difficult … because it would appear that it does!

19 thoughts on “Ray at the Wine Shop!

  1. Methinks if you find a route where no-one knows Ray, it won’t be long before they do. Practically everyone on the various Avenue routes know Maggie and she’s really pleased to see them, even if they don’t have treats (we have to be careful as her digestive system seems to have altered). Ray wins (or will) Colin, sorry!!

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    • It makes us happy as well Phoebe but, the more attention he gets, the less we get. I’m going to create another Colin’s Law: “The attention that a dog owner gets from other humans, is inversely proportional to the attention their dog gets.” Make sense?

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  2. You think the world doesn’t revolve around him? Hmmmm. He has two humans to cater to his needs. He has friends all over. He has a book and a blog. How many dogs can say that? I’m sure he has softened many hearts.

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