Ray – The Book update 4

The book’s final changes have been submitted to Friesen Press and so, subject to no oversights, I will be “signing off” the book which will then take us to the next stage which is agreeing on the cost price for the soft copy, hard copy and eBook!

Given Friesen’s experience of marketing books (considerable) vs my experience of marketing books (absolutely none), and as we both have reasons for wanting it to be successful, this stage should be an education!

Below is an extract from the book which gives a little insight into Ray’s perspective on events. To “set the stage”:

At this point in the book, we had been approved as Ray’s future family and were making arrangements to get him home. The problem was that he had shown reservations at times with motor vehicles, so there was a potential issue with getting him into my vehicle.

We decided that an OMHS trainer (who Ray knew very well), and who had a similar vehicle to me, would see if he would readily jump up into her vehicle. That proved successful so the next time that I was there, I tried getting him into my vehicle. Ray’s perspective on those events follows:

Book Extract 2b


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